Rolling With DICE: Rex Visits Portland

Rex is one hot Top daddy! Rex and I started messaging each other on Scruff over a year and a half ago. So to have him here last week was amazing. Rex used to live in Seattle but had never been to Portland. Of course, I wanted to show him a good time here.

On Tuesday I filmed a scene of Rex, his dick was amazing!


After filming Rex and I decided to hit the gym, one of the best workouts ever and it ended with me blowing him in the locker room.


Later that night I decided to take him to Scandal’s, for karaoke night. Then one the way home took him to Voodoo Donoughts since that’s a place you take everyone who’s never been to Portland.


The next day Damon Dogg filmed a fuck scene with Rex and another Portland newcomer, Rex definitely knows how to take control and make a bottom feel good.


After the shoot, I took some photos of Rex in TIM Gear.




And a couple out of TIM Gear, one of which I love because of the skull tattoo on his arm.



After the photos, we went out to a few different clubs and introduced him to many people. The next day it was time to take him to the airport, but he’ll be back to portland. You can also catch Rex and I this year at Southern Decadence.

You can also check Rex out on TIMFUCK and TIMSUCK and on Twitter @DaveRexxx



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