Attention California: Vote NO on Prop 60!

Vote NO on Prop 60. It’s that simple.

No on Prop 60
Vote NO on Proposition 60 California Condom Law

If Prop 60 was meant to protect public health against the threat of HIV then it is (at best) highly misguided.

In the hope that Prop 60 could pioneer safe working conditions for the adult film industry presumes sex workers endorse the law, which they do not! So what’s going on here?

In some sense Prop 60 is the brainchild of a single man. A personal vendetta leveled against an entire industry from a guy whose ego would have a personal stamp on the California legal system, no matter the cost. And it never should have gotten this far.

The adult industry is already highly regulated. And the porn industry itself is required to meet safety standards of operation. That means safe working conditions that include strict contractual agreements between performers and studios. But in a single careless attempt at creating ill-conceived legal precedent Prop 60 could threaten to drive the adult entertainment industry out of California (bad news for an economy crawling out of crisis). Or worse, it could drive the industry underground. And nothing is more detrimental to the legal system than precedent from unreasonable laws that cannot be effectively enforced.

But maybe we’re a little too close to the issue. Perhaps you might be thinking we’ve lost our ability to be objective. If so, don’t just take our word for it:

“It really takes some going through the measure and understanding the context and larger narrative to get how dangerous this measure is.”

– Democratic County Central Committee member Matt Dorsey

“State and federal laws already protect adult performers, who are routinely tested for sexually transmitted diseases.”
“… this measure could undermine ongoing efforts by the California Division of Occupational Health and Safety (Cal-OSHA) to improve regulation of the industry.”

– Mercury News

Weinstein has called the adult performers “a public health crisis” and stoked fears that they are bringing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, into the larger population. There’s no evidence to support that

– The Advocate

“This ballot measure — which allows people to sue the actors who don’t wear condoms — will not result in a single additional condom being used in adult films.”

“We need to stop using moralism to guide public health policy. Public health is about meeting people where they are, not where you want them to be.”

– Scott Wiener, Supervisor for SF District 8 & California candidate for Senator

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