Taco Tuesday Done Right

Nothing fun usually happens on Tuesday. They used to in this city (San Francisco I mean….) back when Truck Tuesdays were a thing. Now, Tuesday are usually reserved for staying home, cooking food, and playing video games.

However, this past Tuesday was one to remember. Not only did a friend invite me and 2 others over for tacos, it ended with me on my back, one dude balls deep in me, and the other two waiting to take a turn on my ass. I was so turned on I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were talking about with each other, but the phrases, “You want a turn?” and “…lazy Susan…” did make it to my ears. I was happy just to be getting all the dick I could possibly get.

I’d definitely like to recreate this scene. 3 dudes just passing a bottom between their dicks while the other two stuffed theirs down the bottom throats. All ending with a very cum-sloppy butthole that made the walk-of-pride home both difficult, yet I still managed to have a small skip in my step as I felt the cum leak out down my leg onto the grip tape of the skateboard I was riding. I don’t know how I’d get the “Taco Tuesday” aspect of this night into the scene, since I’m not sure how many feeders/eater fetishizers we have in our fan base…..

As I write this, I somehow managed to get sick between then and now, but even as I lay here in bed, nursing my stomach flu, I still don’t regret going and getting the loads they so generously gave me, despite the fact one of them probably got me sick. I’ve had much worse than this and nothing beats getting loaded up with the DNA of three very hot men. >=]

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