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As the rush of summer begins to wind down and we settle into fall, we get a chance to reflect on what’s closest to us. Here at Treasure Island, the Leather community has always held a special place as part of our identity, along with millions of kinksters worldwide. As a cornerstone of gay male sexuality and uninhibited sexual freedom, we love to support this brotherhood in any way we can.

With the recent re-publicizing of our TIMCares program, we received a warm letter from New England’s own “Divergent Pigs” Jeph and Kevin Barry, asking if we’d like to help outfit their fundraising party for HIV/AIDS patients around the world.

Here’s the long and short of it –

We fucking love these guys!

Never shy about putting sexual freedom at the forefront of their efforts, their Divergent Donations Foundation raised over $73,000 for patients last year, and are aiming to crack six digits this time around. They’ve been recognized in both the online and printed press for their accomplishments and show no signs of slowing down as fundraisers, kinksters, or otherwise.

We got behind them ASAP, and shipped the 2016 Mr. (and Mr.) Snowbound title winners over a thousand dollars in adult content, apparel and TIM swag from across all three of our brands – including TOXXXIC apparel as well as our premium TIM Gear fuck wear fashion line. We can’t wait to see how it turns out! And are proud to stand with them and patients across the globe in the fight against HIV, and for the freedom to fuck and express ones-self in kind.


If you’d like to donate or reach out to these Pantheon-of-Leather-nominated, sex positive and altogether bad fucking ass friends of ours, you can find them online @divergentdonations or snag some tickets to their Second Annual JUST ADD WATER charity pool party.

Treasure Island Media donates merchandise and products to worthy sex-positive organizations worldwide.

If you’re part of an organization that shares our vision feel free to reach out to us at pr@treasureislandmedia.com and inquiries about the program.

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