Debriefing Kenny’s Raw Fucks: Vol 1

Now that I’m officially done with this movie, I can share my thoughts on how the whole process went:

First off—putting out a movie is hard! While some may think filming the scenes is the hardest thing about it, it really isn’t! The editing process made me want to tear my hair out (and the editor, the illustrious Reuben Jansen, wanted to throttle my neck at many points as well). Pulling stills, GIFs, and trailers was even more dreadful. Having a cover made was probably the easiest part (and it’s nice when you have a graphic designer who’s not only good, but REALLY good at what he does and has an eye for detail–thanks Charlie!). But all in all, seeing the final product was absolutely amazing.

I still remember very clearly when our product manager came into my office and laid the finished DVD on my desk. I immediately ran out, thanked the editor, and started cheering around the office (much to the admin team’s dismay). I didn’t care – I was officially a director now. My first [vain] thought was, “I CAN HAVE AN IMDB PAGE NOW TOO!” though a coworker was quick to point out that I could’ve had one as a model already anyway.

No one could rain on my parade though. All the efforts of me and the team at TIM had come to fruition, and despite the fact that everyone here has done it many times before, the first time is always something to remember.

I hope you all enjoy it!……and one thing–to all the people out there that got upset that I “introduce” every scene, get over it! It’s my directorial debut.
No, it’s not going to be in every single Kenny’s Raw Fucks hereafter.
No, there isn’t a version where you can just skip it.
If you want to get past it, just mute the TV (like most of you already do) or just fast forward. Plus – I do get naked-er as the movie goes on…..and there are 12 scenes in it. There’s plenty of porn in there, so all y’all can deal with 15-30 seconds of me talking. When you shoot 13 scenes and make a movie, you can do it the way you want. And that’s what was so great about this whole process—filming the sex I wanted to see, and making a film the way I wanted it to be done, with a lot of direction, guidance, and help from none other than Paul Morris himself and his amazing production/administrative team, without whom this would’ve never happened.

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