In an unprecedented move to deliver the highest possible quality to our customers regardless of their internet speed or bandwidth, we’re pleased to announce the incoming TIMFILTH flash drives as a delivery option for every single movie in the TIM catalog. With 30 GB of space, each flash drive will include the movie you’ve ordered, rendered in 1080p HD along with a full suite of GIF’s, still photos, and art related to the title.


Our TIMFILTH drives are of the highest possible quality, made to stand the test of time. A stainless steel capped – USB 3.0 port stems from an illuminated, high-clarity acrylic block containing a laser-etched TIM skull in the middle. To put it bluntly – this the Porsche of porn delivery, and it looks as good on the outside as the porn inside. It’s the perfect new-age porn stash in an era where not all computers are coming with disc drives, and not everyone has the wi-fi speed to handle downloading an entire movie. These flash drives will ALSO play from the USB port on your TV, making it even easier to goon out for a nice long weekend without having to deal with multiple devices and menus.

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