Tommy Trash’s load diary: the wandering cumdump

I’m lucky to be able to host men at my apartment for sex any time of the day or night. But sometimes, there’s more of a thrill to being captive in a man’s home.

So every once in a while, I’ll become The Wandering Cumdump. Heading into the city centre, following Grindr from one dick to the next.

My name is Tommy Trash, and as you know by now, I’ve officially given myself to Paul Morris – the founder of Treasure Island Media – as his slave and property.

I’m writing my experiences for you as my life and identity are reworked into becoming the official TIM slave. My initiation into being TIM property is that I must take 100 loads. Now at the end of week one, I’m over halfway through.

He snuck me into his house with 30 minutes to spare until his girlfriend came home, bent me over his kitchen table, fucked me and kicked me out without a word.

Today’s diary is from the day after my afternoon as a glory hole whore. It was a beautiful day, so I went for a walk in the sun. To get myself ready for an afternoon of fucking, I stopped for a juice at some coffee shop… and immediately caught the eye of a guy there who I recognised from Grindr.

I looked on the app, and sure enough, he’d messaged me asking if I wanted his cum. He made me follow him to the urinals where I dropped to my knees and desperately tried not to lose my juice as he pummelled load 57 straight down my throat.

I walked to a younger guy’s house for load 58 – he was even shorter than me (and I’m only 5 feet 5 inches!). Still, he was aggressive, and he put me in my place with hard slaps to my face. He tied my hands behind my back with a belt and fucked me while delivering some intense choking with his hands around my throat. When I struggled, I felt him get harder. 

Load 59 was a road worker who had just arrived home from his shift. He snuck me into his house with 30 minutes to spare until his girlfriend came home, bent me over his kitchen table, fucked me and kicked me out without a word. All in less than five minutes.

After that, I came across loads of guys who couldn’t accommodate at their places, so I headed him and did my usual trick of sending my address out to anyone and everyone who was online in the nearby area. 

Load 60 was a regular I have mentioned on this blog before, a hung Black guy who loves fucking my hole when it’s already full of stranger cum. 

Load 61 was a shy lad who didn’t speak a word to me but came in, dropped his pants and fucked me. The only noise he made the whole time was the grunt he made when he blew his load.

Load 62 wanted me blindfolded, and I never saw him – but I managed to feel him with my hands and mouth and could tell he had a fantastic body. His biceps felt good wrapped around my neck as he pounded me.

Loads 63 and 64 were from the same guy. I was still blindfolded but had seen some pictures of this guy’s body and dick. It was long but not too thick – my favourite. He got even better when it turned out he was a brutal fucker, and had long, deep, merciless strokes. After what felt like an age, he gave me his cum. But it wasn’t over – he wanted a second go. I took it without complaint like a good boy even though his body slamming into mine became painful as he impaled me on his lengthy cock.

Load 65 was a younger athletic lad who looked like he had just come from playing football (soccer). He was incredibly good looking, and he knew it. He enjoyed laying back and watching me worship his body before pinning me on my back with my legs in the air and fucking me like a faggot. He told me how slutty I looked on my back with my legs spread in the air, and he spat on my face until it was dripping wet.

Load 66 was a delivery driver who fucked me once before (load #2). He happened to be passing at just the right time to have another go on my holes, and this time he was rougher, having already met me once and knowing I could take it.


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Load 67 was an older out of shape guy who came within about 30 seconds of fucking me. He wasn’t my type – but as always, I was pleased that he could take pleasure from using me, and I don’t turn anyone down.

Load 68 and 69 were from a couple who came together to use me. The more dominant of the two encouraged his boyfriend to be rough – it was hot hearing him direct his boyfriend to spank me harder, fuck me harder, and take what he wanted from me. I responded by working hard to make sure they both enjoyed themselves. They swapped positions a lot, getting in a lot of use on my holes before finally adding their loads to my ass.

LOAD COUNT: 69/100

Keep checking back on the blog to keep up with my progress or follow @TIMPorn and @SlaveBoyTom on Twitter. Your encouragement – and your abuse – will help me become the fuck-hole slave I was born to be. You can reach me by email — – or via Twitter DM. Write to me to let me know how I’m doing, praise or degrade me or just say “hello faggot”.

Until next time Sirs and slaves,

Tommy the Treasure Island Media slave


Tommy is a natural cock-hungry faggot aiming to become a true sex slave – and the slut has given himself as property to TIM founder Paul Morris. We’re going to get to work on this boy and have instructed Tommy to journal his experience as his life and identity are rebuilt. Some of you will get to use him. Some of you will wish you were him. Keep checking the blog for all the latest on Tommy’s quest.

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