Meet Luis, our producer hunting for Brazil’s sleaziest fuckers

As we expand production to bring you even more fucked up and filthy sex movies, producer Luis Lumem joins our team to hunt for the sleaziest men in Brazil.

Treasure Island Media is on a mission to find and film the rawest, animalistic, and authentic man-on-man fucking in every corner of the world. Our newest studio, GrindhouseRAW, launched last month from South Africa – and now we have our sights on Brazil.

They are not actors performing a sex scene for the camera – they are just men fucking like animals

Enter Luis Lumem. Luis is a 47-year-old videographer from Brasília with a passion for pornography. He based his master’s degree on a study of pornography and transgression – porn that goes against some moral or legal rule. And we know all about that at TIM.

“The cinema produced by Treasure Island Media touches your central nervous system,” says Luis.

“You can smell the men, feel the men. They are not actors performing a sex scene for the camera – they are just men fucking like animals.

“For those who like sex São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the best places to have sex in the world I know. I want to show how hot our sluts are and how animalistic our men are.”

LatinLoads is Treasure Island Media’s south-of-the-border edition. Packed with all the same balls-out raw manfucking and exclusively featuring Latin men.

Luis describes himself as a ‘switch’ – both submissive and dominant – and able to connect with both sides of a sexual dynamic to make it more visceral on camera.

He adds: “With some men, I can be totally dominant and top, and the next day I can be a totally submissive bottom cumdump. What drives me wild is a good crazy orgy.

“My favourite men to work with are men in love with sex and cum. Men of all types, ages, colours and shapes – as long as they are slutty.”

Overseeing productions in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Luis has already started work on his first movie for TIM – and it’s not for the faint-hearted. It features several nasty gangbang scenes featuring filthy cumsluts getting turned out by horny Brazilian tops who don’t hold back.

“The first chaotic gangbang I filmed has been my favourite thing to produce so far,” adds Luis.

“The bottom, Jottaé Souza, put everything into it, and it has the ferocity I’m looking for in a scene. It’s definitely something to look forward to watching. All the tops were crazy horny and we managed to show how slutty our men are. We had a bottom with an extremely powerful hole that could take a smashing.

“We’re pursuing our own style without breaking the intensity and delivery that TIM scenes should have.

“I give many thanks to Paul Morris for this wonderful opportunity. I’ve learned a lot from him and Max Sohl. I also want to thank the men I have filmed with already, especially Petrick Garcia who believed in me at the start. Creating this pornography makes me feel alive in a way I haven’t felt in a long time.”

There are several scenes in the pipeline from Luis that will appear on TIM channels in the future. Don’t miss on the cum-dripping action when it’s released – sign up for your membership now and get it all when it’s fresh.

Images taken from upcoming scenes

  1. Luis,
    This looks lit! Nothing finer than Brasilian men destroying man holes! Are you on Twitter or Instagram ? Would love to get to Rio to experience the hard end of the boys from Brasil.
    Drop me an e mail, would love to see more of this.

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