Our most viewed TIM men of 2021

Who were our most watched TIM men of 2021?

We never stop searching for the sexiest, sleaziest man-fuckers out there. And 2021 was no exception.

This year, you went nuts for our sex-mad studs. We found men from all corners of the globe to show you the uninhibited way they fuck, including from new locations such as South Africa and Brazil.

So we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most viewed TIM men of 2021, based on the number of visits to their model pages. Check out the list below, and let us know who your favorite TIM man is in the comments.

10. The Morgan Twins

Jason and Justin Morgan are bottoms to the core. Justin has a slight interest in topping, but 95% of the time he’s cruisin’ for a butt bruisin’. They consider themselves piggish, but also really love intimate sex – and kissing is a must. They’ve had sex with hordes of men as a pair, and really enjoy pleasing a guy in tandem.


9. Nate Stetson

We think Nate might have been a bona fide cowboy in a previous life – or maybe it’s just the Stetson name. Nate is versatile and says he likes guys with big dicks and big ass. Our kinda man!


8. Alex Tikas

Muscle DILF Alex has been a regular breeder in our stable of TIM men this year. At 6ft tall and with an 8-inch cock, it’s no wonder he’s been one of your favorites this year.


7. Reymond McKay

With his boyish looks, Reymond turns any scene with an older man into a horny daddy/son moment. And like all good boys, he spreads his legs and takes cock like a champ.


6. Jonah Wheeler

Versatile Jonah describes himself as friendly, horny and goofy. He also very proudly loves to show off – and doesn’t that make us lucky? With his sexy ‘tache and slim body, you just can’t get tired of looking at him.


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5. Christian

TIM legend Christian has always loved being in front of the camera. He loves getting fucked and loves taking loads. Christian started with us during the filming of the Damon Blows America series and eventually starred in his own flicks, including Christian’s 24 Cocks In 24 Hours.


4. Teddy Forest

Teddy’s almost 10-inch dick has, unsurprisingly, proved a fan favorite this year. He looks so good with his cock in his hand we just had to put him on the cover art for our solo movie Hands Solo.


3. Pierce

Pierce is one half of a duo of European sex performers who created and starred in a sleazy movie in 2005. The Anarcocks Pirate Tape was experimental, filthy, and fun. Given Pierce’s prominence on this year’s top 10, his work must have left an impression.


2. Dawson

A TIM man who almost needs no introduction. Dawson, the all-American power bottom, probably took more cock for TIM than any other man. He made porn history by starring in Dawson’s 20-Load Weekend in 2004, a film dubbed the “most important gay porn film ever made” by the Huffington Post. It made TIM infamous – and Dawson too, as demonstrated by his position here at #2.


1. Sam Bridle

Fresh-faced and filthy-minded. That’s how Sam describes himself, and that probably explains why he’s been our most viewed man of 2021.

Sam is a man who needs to empty his balls often. He’s always on the prowl for a warm moist place to put his beautiful thick uncut dick. Sam packs a meaty tool and he loves having it teased, edged, milked, and pushed deep inside warm throats and holes.



Want to see yourself on this list next year? We’re always looking for new men to work with us. At TIM we only make the most authentic porn – no bullshit, no theatrics. If you wanna show all the men out there what you can do with your dick or hole, get in touch.


Who is your favorite TIM man? Who would you like to see more of in 2022? Tell us in the comments below!

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