A letter from Paul Morris – as TIM Celebrates 25 Years

When a company—or a person—reaches the age of 25, it’s time not only to look back at what you’ve done, but also to look forward to what you now intend to do

When a company—or a person—reaches the age of 25, it’s time not only to look back at what you’ve done, but also to look forward to what you now intend to do.

Over the past 25 years, TIM has built a name and a reputation for being explicit, brave, enduring and strong.  We’ve mustered the moxie to press through a number of diverse crises, attacks, legal and censorship issues. Despite those challenges, we managed to always set the standard for the kind of no-nonsense, balls-out porn that men love.

It’s been a helluva trip and it promises to get even more exciting for the next 25 years.

In the beginning, our mission was simple and straightforward: to capture real down-n-dirty mansex as it really happens.  No pretend, no bad music in the soundtrack, no acting.  This real, honest sex has always been the most important element in the lives of a lot of us.  It’s our salvation, what gets us through and gives meaning and purpose to our existence.  

When I started TIM, the vital and powerful sex-culture that had developed among men through the decades prior to our inception was in danger of being lost entirely.  Porn at the time had turned its back on what sex-pigs really do.  Our mandate from the get-go was to make damn sure this crucial culture wasn’t lost or forgotten.

It took 20 years, and by god we did it.  Now, male sexuality and male porn everywhere bears the influence of our work and our absolute dedication.  Look anywhere: you see our influence, our gritty style, our ideas carried out, repeated and emulated by legions of practitioners all around the world.

We are proud of this.  Very proud.  But there’s still a fuck of a lot that needs to be done!

Today, as male sexuality grows in strength and diversity, we’re happily growing right along with it.  We cover the lust-lives of sex-pigs, sluts and slaves; we’re fascinated with—and support—the incredible explorations of transmen, eunuchs, nullos, men in lifetime chastity; we connect with solosexuals, pornsexuals, hard-core edgers, gooners, and all those who are committed to the transcendental bliss a man can experience and explore in all of these sexual paths.  At TIM, we love men sane and insane, sober and fucked-up, stable and hell-bent on oblivion.  You are all part of us, and we are part of you.

Never have the political and social challenges for men like us been greater or more dangerous than today.  And just as we at TIM devoted ourselves 25 years ago to supporting unfettered and unlimited mansex when it was under an existential assault, we are here now, solid and unyielding, championing—and representing in our video work—what most needs support: our deepest true nature as men.  

As we look forward to the next 25, we’re expanding our production, encouraging the extreme where we find it, and initiating a news project that will highlight newsworthy stories and issues pertaining to the world of extreme male sex.

We do this all for you, the men of TIM.  Above all, everyone at TIM gives a sincere heartfelt thanks to the ever-growing community of men around the globe who believe in what we’re doing and who support us.  Without each and every one of you, our work would have faltered long ago.  It takes big resources to fight the good fight and to produce groundbreaking porn.  

Without you and your support we wouldn’t exist.

We have projects lined up that will redefine smut.  We have projects that will creatively stand against those who oppose our freedom.  You can bet your ass you’ll want to be part of TIM, engaged and active as a member of our community, our brotherhood, as we forge ahead.

We look forward to working our butts off for you.  Big things are in the works.  You won’t want to miss out!

Mansex is our purpose and our religion.  Stay with us as we fight for your right to live exactly as your deepest desire dictates.

  1. Congratulations, Paul and staff! You guys have put up with a lot to deliver the goods!!, Keep up the *Superlative* work…slowly, people are waking up to reality. I’ve despised condoms for decades, I also believe I may be sensitive to latex down there. keep moving forward!

  2. I worship the porn men from TIM. It’s not acting. It’s them doing what comes naturally. I love the here and there suggestive poz themes. Would be really hot if the movie starred poz actors, for a poz audience]. Brothers in HIV celebrating our status and our need to share our seed with one another. Worshipping on camera kneeling at the feet of such hot poz fuckers such as Jesse KARSEN Lito Cruz, Drew Sebastian and more proudly and lewdly having poz bare breeding with lots of verbal and interacting with viewers as to the pleasure of unprotected in your face poz breeding

  3. I congratulate you in your 25 years of doing Bareback Porn, born out of a time when doing Bareback Porn was frowned upon, you have opened up a lot of guys eyes to what it means to have Natural Sex, that is No Condoms, even though I’m now HIV+, I don’t fear it, I take my meds and as a Proud 100% Bottom I still prefer the feeling of a man’s Raw Cock deep inside me, don’t ever give up on that, and further more you should try doing more Outdoor Sex, not just by the pool but on the beach, and not only that, keep pushing the Envelope by introducing more Bi-Sex Porn, where it’s not just the females getting raw fucked, but the guys too, the first one you did, Jasper Stone’s Bi-Sexual Adventure, it was very good but you should have not just the guys fucking the Girl Bareback, and licking the pussy after the guy’s cum inside her, you should do a Sequel to that movie, this time having the guys fuck each other as well as the girl, and how about Bussy II, and how about some Nullos getting Barebacked as well in a full length Video, and other Gender Diverse Guys out there as well, and how about some Sounding Videos as well, and I’m sure there’s a few guys that are into that as well as being fucked Bareback.

  4. Gosh. Where is Dawson , and Christian…. and Brad….. and many others …from the good old days.

  5. Congratulations on 25 years. I’ve been following TIM for all of those years and am a big fan. I have a fairly large porn collection and TIM by far makes up the the biggest part of that collection. My TIM DVDs are always at the front of my porn stash and TIM downloads have their own folder because I can always count on them to provide hours of enjoyment and get get me off. You should be proud of the the major influence you’ve had on gay porn. I’m proud of you and thanks for making the hottest and nastiest porn in the world.

  6. Interesting that the classics are now behind a separate paywall. Paid for a years of TIMPASS and now all your good stuff is quietly moved to a separate subscription. Reached out to support and have heard nothing. Not cool. The new stuff isn’t awesome and your embedded player isn’t either. That’s why it’s easier to just watch pirated stuff.

    1. Oh wait actually the classics are now individual purchases – not part of any subscription. I think that would fall under “news”..

  7. Happy 25th Birthday to TIM but TIM is pretty much dead to me. The best era of TIM is gone. There are no more exclusives, there are no more actors that you can follow and appreciate. Locations are elsewhere in the world as if there is some law or restriction that prevents you from shooting your scenes in the U.S. as you once did. There are no more concepts, no more innovations, just scenes that anyone can organize with Grindr or for OnlyFans. Raunchy used to be the word with TIM, but now there’s nothing special and unique. It’s sad.

  8. I just recently found ur site. SO LUV UR products and movie (videos) its SO HOTT. CONGRATULATIONS FOR 25 YEARS. keep up the GREAT WORK. Can’t wait for the future.

  9. Happy Birthday, TIM! Delighted to read your plans for the future … and hoping you celebrate 25 years with a bang.

  10. Congrats TIM! For 25 years of turning us on and getting us off. We’ve shared some remarkable pains and pleasures of the phenomenal experience of turning sexuality into what we desired without shame. The beauty of you estabishment is to keep us satisfied and break down the walls of boundaries. Thank you TIM and another 25 years to come.

  11. Happy 25 th birthday TIM ! Thanks all bareback fucking porn what you have done! I have loved TIM porn since you started. I m gay porn lover from Finland Kuopio town.
    I hope more BBC tops and interracial porn. I love to watch submisive sluts licking assholes of REAL men. I like to see when big cock cumming asshole and then go slowly back inside…

  12. This was a great article. Also, I AM very excited about the projects in the works, although I do not recall the last time I was dissatisfied with a TIM product. Although I would love to see a lot more tops shoving that cock balls deep before unloading in a bottom who has already been fucked to filth.

    May the next 25 years be even more exciting, fulfilling, prosperous and adventurous for all of you.

  13. Happy 25th, some guys have a point, the old stuff was more rough round the edges. Not perfect bodies, noisy bottoms!
    Still my favourite studio.

  14. Happy 25th! Thanks for the good job you do. Congrats on being the top of the business as well.

  15. Happy 25 needs
    Really like ur DOC and SDSTW would like to see new ones more cum based . But thanks for 25 yrs

  16. The concept of freedom and truth in sex is of course interesting, but TIM actual production feels the more and more fake to me. I have the feeling most guys on the screen are just playing for the camera, and spontaneity is losing space to a looking good fucking camera angle. This should be your biggest challenge for the future: to keep it really true, not faking or acting.

    1. I’ve noticed this as well. I go back to my old films, and see that itr has changed. But I think that TIM’s “new way” is likely a response to how people engage with porn now. But, I still much prefer the real, non “scripted” porn. It just feels more organic and raw. If I watch scripted porn, I prefer actual professional productions. That said, TIM is weathered many challengers and challenges. Streaming and (actual) amatuer porn sites are not going away, soon.

    2. Yes, TIM has changed since about 2012 or so. The works appear more or so produced. But, that wasn’t P. Morris’ fault – the industry of porn changed with streaming, amateur and selfshot porn sites. That said, TIM has maintained to be the only one to produce raw, unrehearsed, unedited porn, other than MachoFucker.

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