Collaborate and make content? No thanks, I’d rather just fuck

Let’s stop making sex sound boring by using words straight out of a corporate dystopia.
Definitely not a collaboration PICTURE: TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA


Let’s stop making sex boring by using words out of some corporate dystopia

Imagine firing up Grindr, picking a hot guy from the grid and persuading him to come over for a good hard fuck with the words: “Hey man, want to collaborate?”

Of course you wouldn’t. It’d sound ridiculous. Collaborate, meaning to work jointly on an activity or project, isn’t a word that features in most of our sexual vocabularies I’m sure.

But since the advent of fan sites, where anyone can shoot their own porn and make a buck, a new lexicon has appeared featuring words which frankly take all the fun out of fucking.

Let’s collaborate. Make some content. Datastream our dicks into cyberspace. Okay, I made that last one up.

But it’s true the language we use when we talk about sex says an awful lot about our approach to it. Language adapts and changes constantly and there’s every chance I just need to get with the times, but do we really want to talk about sex in such business-like terms?

One of the reasons I was a loyal Treasure Island Media fan, long before being lucky enough to work here, was the authenticity of the studio’s porn. It’s real, rough around the edges, fucking. It’s fun and chaotic and spontaneous, just like the hook-ups and sex we all have. If we’re lucky.

I was thrilled to discover the same is true behind the scenes. How we create our videos, talk about them, and scout for men to be in them. When we unleash those men upon each other and watch, uninterrupting, from behind a camera… magic happens.

Those natural displays of carnal creativity undoubtedly make the best fuck flicks, far more so than over-produced and scripted productions. You only need to look at the unceasing popularity of amateur porn for proof of that.

Most of us who make porn, be it amateur porn, fan site porn, or studio porn, do so because we love sex and want to share those moments of raw animalism with the world. Keeping that motivation in focus helps us capture those cum-worthy moments on camera, and makes sure we have a damn good time doing it.

So let’s drop words like ‘collaborate’ and ‘content’ and remember why we do this. The sheer, unbridled joy of sex.

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