Gooning: the art of melting your mind through jacking off

Jonah Wheeler gets so into jerking his dick that he looks like he’s forgotten his own name

Gooning: the state achieved after prolonged masturbation, when a man becomes completely hypnotized by the feeling radiating from his cock.

It describes a state of mind, rather than an action. Many solosexuals – men who prefer jacking off to fucking – describe it like meditation, a trance your brain falls into. All your troubles melt away and the only thing your brain is capable of thinking about is the cock in your hand.

When gooning, your primal mind takes over, ripping through your normal consciousness and reducing you to an animalistic state of sheer sexual fulfilment.

On some corners of the internet, you’ll find groups of men who talk about gooning like it’s the worst kind of drug addiction. Don’t let it happen to you! Becoming a gooner will ruin your life. It’s impossible to break the cycle. It’s like doing heroin.

Justin Blake gets into the goon for TIMJack

These same people are often proponents of movements like Reddit’s NoFap community – which encourages men not to masturbate or watch porn.

But anyone who browses porn sites will know that in the last few years the solosexual/gooning movement is only growing stronger.

Communities like BateWorld – which promote and encourage male masturbation as a fun, healthy and vital part of life – are ever-expanding.

Men are flooding the internet with gooner videos, which are a bit like hypnosis tracks for masturbators. They encourage and push you into that primal sexual state. Some men lose hours and hours in front of their computer screens, just enjoying themselves and their dicks.

  1. Deep Penis Pleasure. Gooning, Drooling, heavy balls and swollen Cock. Best to be greasy – Albolene, Olive/Coconut oil.. Good porn: non-stop! Batespread… Fresh Brown Bottle and calling up the Manhole/Powercruise line to explore with my fellow brothers. Worship the Phallus. HAIL COCK

  2. I can easily watch porn for 12-24 hours, in my mind I can have sex or play with 50+ men.
    JO for me is much easier for me rather than all the preparation, the hunt and the energy.

  3. For me, the euphoria hits around 4 am or six hours or so after I start a session. Everything I am is in my hand. I gotta eat, piss, go to work, speak before Congress, be honored at the Kennedy Center… Fffuuuuck. Feels so good, Man!

  4. What I’m addicted to is edging, sometimes I sit or lay on my bed masturbating for 2 hours with or without porn, it’s gotten so bad that I sometimes I meet up with people who want a quickie, but I certainly need a litte more time…

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