Drawing: Bad Influence

Found this when I was tidying my desk. These are notes I made when I was editing Bad Influence. The names are blacked out because I was using real names in my notes, not porn names.

I have no idea what all the sums are at the bottom of the page, something to do with frames maybe. The written notes were jotted down during late-night telephone calls with Paul Morris.

The sentence “BURN OUT IS THE BIG PROBLEM” refers to an effect filter I’d put on the entire video that made the image high-contrast, but also made the whites look over-exposed. I thought it looked cool, until I saw it on a proper TV set, where every scene looked like it had been filmed in the glare of an atomic explosion.

This document demonstrates that, no matter how much work there is to be done, I always find time to aimlessly doodle pictures of men’s butts.

  1. Hi Rob,

    It's great to hear from someone who bought one of my pictures from ebay. Selling those pictures kept me afloat through college. so thanks for the support!

    I'll definitely post about any shows I do, or selling artwork in the future.

  2. Hi Liam! Definitely you! Love your perspective on things! Post on your blog if you ever have a showing or selling your work.

  3. Hey Liam…I think I've bought a couple of prints that you sold on eBay a few years back. Seems like a similar style anyway. Big fan of all your work!! Are you showing your artwork anywhere right now? Or do you have a website?

  4. Hi Blackwatch.

    What do you doodle? If it's not overtly sexual then it must be full of repressed sexual symbolism, surely…

  5. I think its funny that your work notes also have drawing it them lol I do the same thing just not with naked dudes!

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