Interview with Baxter’s Briefs

An interview with yours truly on Baxter’s Briefs.

Link here.

  1. rather stimulating. Even so, I appologize, because I can not give credence to your whole theory, all be it radical none the less. It would seem to me that your commentary are not totally justified and in fact you are generally your self not entirely confident of your point. In any case I did appreciate looking at it.

  2. Thanks anonymous, if I ever run out of hot men to film, maybe then I'll turn the camera on myself. 🙂

  3. liam! you need to be in front of the camera…at least once. in a sexual role, that is.

  4. Steve, thanks for your comment, I loved reading it. I'm hoping to get the cruising ground footage into my next video but I don't know when it will be released. I'll post details on here.

    I know Wisley woods, I cruised there myself once years ago! Maybe we met, and maybe you swallowed my load, who knows. 🙂

  5. This cruising vid might be the best porn I will ever buy (Liam… where are you going to release it… any tasters… I am desperate!! )

    It reminds me of growing up and my sexual awakening…. I grew up outside London… and when I was 16, I found out about a cruising ground at a place called Wisley.. its on the A3… a road out of the city, it has a lay-by and a car park, and lots of deep woods. It was pre-internet, I found out about it on a bulletin board. I used to go mountain biking, and every sunday during the summer, I would cycle down to Wisley and cruse.. the first time I went, I waited, and walked around, watching the action, it was the best time for the cruising ground at Wisley… the heyday.

    I got sucked off and came in a guys mouth… I was so fucking scared… but could not stop thinking about it… I was watching all these guys fucking, sucking… so the next week I went back, and I quickly identified as a sub… to be on my knees, a guy sliding his cock deep into my throat… his moaning.. grabbing my head, and fucking my face… I would stay around, untill the sun went down, swallowing load after load… until I had to get home… covered in sweat… I would cum in the shower and then drink my own load… this continued until I went to college. 10 years passed, and I returned to live near Wisley…. It was not the same… but now older and more addicted to cock, leather and sex, the lure was too much… I have many happy memories of the best sex I have ever had… at Wisley. I would drive down on a saturday, summer or winter… 10pm… and head into the woods, clean arse, lubed ready… poppers, sometimes a gas mask… looking for cock… I would take 10, sometimes 12 or more guys a night… it is heaven… sometimes arranging to meet fetish guys there… but the thrill is really to turn up… offer yourself, and be taken… in the open, where everyone, and anyone can see. Sometimes I switch, and if I am passing on my motorbike, I will stop off, even mid-day, and find an arse I can pump….

    Liam… I have no idea when you shot this movie… but it has my imagination in overdrive… I cant wait for the next installment… I am a fan with a huge appreciation of your work, and feel that this could be a great, great movie…

    Yours…. Steve.

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