Ryan Sullivan’s Island: Irony

Ryan Sullivan has a new episode, titled Irony, on his website here. The image above is a still from said episode.

The episode includes drawings that I’ve sent Paul Morris over the last couple of years. They’re mostly doodles of whatever Paul and I had been chatting about on the phone at the time. Here’s one of them.

Liam Cole

  1. Waoooooooooo maybe he was tented to taste that big cock well I was to do it to my father

  2. Hi Jon,

    That drawing was an illustration. It's a picture of Paul Morris's dad sleeping, and the young Paul snuggled up to him.

  3. Thanks Mark! I appreciate your comments and I'm very glad you like them. 🙂

  4. Liam, I saw "Irony" earlier and found the drawings incredibly beatiful and haunting. The seemingly random marks that come together to delicately show such intricate studies are truly works of art. Thank you for sharing.

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