Spanish Pork

Here’s a nice email I received from a guy named Andrew:

Hi! I was asking Ryan Sullivan about the song he used in his “Island Trailer” and his episode called “Milk” and he referred me to you! He told me that you wrote the song that I’ve been trying to identify for about 3 straight weeks now. May you please please please send it to me or send me a link to it or post it on youtube or something? I’ve been obsessing over it and I cannot sleep without hearing it fully. Good Job writing the song by the way! Sincerely, Andrew

Thanks Andrew! The song’s called Spanish Pork and here’s an MP4 file of it. The sound quality’s rough, but that’s how it was originally recorded. It’s me singing and playing all the instruments (wooden spoons, saucepan, handclaps). Anyone who prefers their music to be in time and in tune, be warned, I am rarely either.

Er… listening back to this I realise how inaudible the words are. For enquiring minds, they are:

You came here full of life,
And I took you to be my wife,
I am father and you are son,
My daddy’s little one,
I employ you and pay your keep,
And at night I put you to sleep,
Where I hold you as I was held,
And remember how it felt.

Spanish Pork, hm-mm quite nice,
Stringing it up and hung ’til it dries,
Measuring it by texture and size,
Cleaving it off the thighs.

Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel,

Oh! Joel, you brute, how you’ve grown.
You sure packed some meat on your bone(s),
Still I love you, I could eat you(r) (w)hole,
And spare nothing but your soul.

  1. Hi Ismotta,

    Thanks for your comment, glad you like the song!

    Sorry, I only have it uploaded to this server. Which one would you suggest I upload to?


  2. Man, this song is great!

    I'm a brazilian gay guy who's so into music as into porn and sex itself! And I say this song is awesome! Any chance you could upload it on any other server? Don't know if it was meant this way, but I just can't download it from the DivShare link you posted.

    Please, would you?
    Thank you so much
    And congratulations, Liam! 😉

  3. Thank you for this annotation. I was wondering too, where this soundtrack comes from.

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