Fuck Roulette

Fuck Roulette is a new thingummy on the Treasure Island Media website. Basically it’s free video chat with random matching. What you do with that depends on your own sordid tendencies.

I got lucky with this guy on the right. Obviously the far-off contemplative wonderment on my face shows that I was enjoying his impressive guns ‘n’ meat show, and who wouldn’t?

To give Fuck Roulette a spin just plug in your camera and follow this link.

  1. Hi Anonymous,

    I'd love you to send me your ass pictures, thanks!

    I don't post all the pics I receive, but rest assured I ALWAYS enjoying opening an ass in my email. 🙂

  2. I Love fuck roulette ! Hey Liam if I send you some pictures of my ass, would you post it here ?

  3. If I could find a cock as big as that guy's I would use fck roulette every day !

  4. Looking smokin' hot, Liam, but once again, no Cole pole; soon there'll be enough of your teasing to compile a new 'What I Can't See' NOT starring your cock…

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