Best of Dan Fisk: Dan & Christian

Dan Fisk and Christian are two of my favourite T.I.M. guys, so I was trouser-tentingly excited when I got the chance to shoot a scene with them in Chicago. The encounter was hot as fuck and it’s being released on the new Best of Dan Fisk double DVD, out now. To order the DVD, or view the scene as a high-def download, follow this link.

Here are some stills from the scene and a description from our website:

DAN and CHRISTIAN are two of our hottest stars. They’ve been fans of each other’s work for years, but somehow never hooked up—until now.

This fuck session was way overdue. The guys were so ready for it, they couldn’t even wait for us to set up the cameras: DAN whipped out his eight and a half incher and CHRISTIAN dropped to his knees at the sight of it. We were able to capture some of the lickin’ and slurpin’ on tape, and then DAN takes total control, pushing CHRISTIAN down onto the bed. “That’s a fuckin’ hot hole,” DAN says as he cock-spanks CHRISTIAN’s eager li’l pucker.

Sometimes the connection between two guys is so strong and immediate, they become oblivious to everything but each other and the intense pleasure they’re sharing. That’s what happened here. They tumble from the bed to the floor where CHRISTIAN impales himself on DAN’s dick for a ride. Still going strong, they get to their feet; once DAN’s jeans are pulled all the way off, he bends CHRISTIAN over a windowsill and a table, leaving the delirious bottom to hold onto whatever he can as DAN fucks him without restraint.

Finally DAN delivers his load deep inside. Ever the good cumwhore, CHRISTIAN won’t be sated until he’s cleaned the sticky goo from DAN’s cock.

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