Phillip’s ass

Three hot pictures sent in by Phillip with this email:

hey just droppin by to share some pics of myself with you. i dont know if you’re a fan of jockstraps but i effen love them. hope u enjoy and cheers from baton rouge, la usa

I asked Phillip if it would be okay to post his awesome ass here. He replied:

Sure u can post them man, I don’t plan on becomin president and havin all my dirty laundry aired lol. Glad u liked the pics man big fan of tim bc of the mystery and controversy. I think in my mind I’m so much more piggy than I really am but I love bb and when I bottom which has been only for a handful of guys its been raw. I’m also uncut and when I top the condoms they just suck. Anyways bud ill send more pics soon and def will stay in touch.

Thanks Phillip! Looking forward to seeing more of you in future.
— Liam


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