WILD BREED on the TIM forum

The new video, WILD BREED, is now up for discussion on the Treasure Island Media forum. Okay, it hasn’t been released yet, but when it is I’ll be watching the forum for comments and feedback. Thanks!

  1. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks! I promise, we're working hard to get the video out soon.

    Don't forget, you can already see Rio on video in his oral (and felching) scene with Will Ruskin at TIMSUCK.com, although you do need membership.

  2. OMG! amazing. Peto Coast is so gorgeous and I think it was a great choice to have him on the cover. I'm so excited to see Rio on video finally. You've been teasing us with the pictures and I can't wait anymore.

    Please release this soon. I've been waiting months and months for this. I love your work more than Paul Morris' to be honest.

  3. Hi mdell,

    Now you mention it, Peto and Aaron would be a great pairing. Good suggestion.

    In WILD BREED, Peto seriously works up a sweat fucking Ben Statham who is one of my favourite British muscle bottoms, and he takes it like a champ, so there's plenty to enjoy for fans of Mr Coast.

  4. Yes! Peto Coast my all time favourite porn star can we please have him with Aaron Lamb with lots of ass to mouth action my ultimate fantasy!!!!!!

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