WILD BREED: Peto breeds Ben #1

WILD BREED will be out in May, but one of the scenes from the video is already available to view as a download from the TIM website HERE. The scene is Peto Coast breeding Ben Statham (hot combination).

Here are some stills and a description of the scene. There were so many stills that I liked from this scene that I’m posting a second batch on monday:

PETO COAST has earned a reputation as the number one ass fucker in Europe today. He’s a handsome guy with a seriously big and ever-hard cock, but what makes PETO special isn’t just what he’s got–it’s how he uses it. This man fucks with an innate skill and intensity that perfectly balances human intelligence against pure, virile animal prowess. Witnessing him in action is enough to give any man’s asshole an appetite. Watch the reactions of the men he breeds and you’ll know it feels every bit as good as it looks.

In this sweat-soaked rut session PETO gets to work on one of the few Euro-porn bottom studs who can actually match his potency with sheer greed for seed. Between BEN STATHAM’s powerful, muscular alpha-ass cheeks there is a twitching, pink mancunt that’s truly worthy of the world-class breeding PETO subjects it to. BEN is left sprawling on the bed, deliriously fingering what’s left of his hole, which yawns open, lined with PETO’s load.


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