Diary Doodles

I’ve just started using my new 2010 – 2011 diary, so now seems a good time to relive some of the doodles that happened in the outgoing 2009 – 2010 diary.

  1. Liam, it's all the hotter because of the guys that disapprove. I don't use but I find it fucking hot to be with a guy who does because he is going to the place of being a pig. That's what I see in the sketch. A guy closing his eyes and connecting with his primal lust . -Your biggest fan

  2. Hi Palanca. Thankyou! That is probably the most inspiring message I have EVER had on here! We are soldiers together.

    Anonymous, glad you find the pipe lighting pic hot. I did too when I was drawing it.

  3. Your imagination is explosive, you are now in another level, my friend – keep goin' beyond, I see you like a war soldier with no other weapons like his pen/pencil and a strong passion

  4. Thanks Mr Manners!

    Anonymous, don't worry, it's just drawings. No prohibited substances were smoked in the production of these images.

  5. My favorite is the naked cowboy. I could suck those hard nipples and the fat cock ALL DAY!

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