Paul Morris’s photographs

Man-sex maverick, evil genius, my boss, Paul Morris has made a website for his photographs of men. Here are a few highlights. Check out the site for more pictures, accompanied by Paul’s descriptions of the guys, which always make interesting reading.

  1. Hello, Here Jaymin from South Korea.
    Liam I’ve seen all of your drawings here.
    Well.. Thanks to this website, I could paint some of my artworks
    Even though I used models here withouth getting permission, I would like to give the copy of my artworks to real models.
    So If you are interesed in seeing that and giving those to your models..
    I would like you to let me know how to send them.

    looking forward to getting reply.


      1. Hi liam. Ive already sent Email… and I didnt get reply from your for a while,, so Ive sent that to customer service.. My Email account said that they already read my if you can’t or If you dont want to do that,, I hope that department finds the models. 🙂



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