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It’s finally arrived and I couldn’t be more proud.  I can guarantee that WICS-3 is going to be an honest-to-god landmark in all-male porn.

This is an epic three-disc master-package:

1. WHAT I CAN’T SEE 3:  This is the third and final volume of my ground-breaking anonymous fuck series.  I gathered the most depraved and balls-out fuckers I could find, encouraging them to explore their blindfolded anonymous-sex limits.  Shy and extremely young whore-newbies giving in to a blind seeding.  Seasoned whore-holes wide open for gangbangs.  WICS-3 ranges from quietly intense to all-out orgiastic frenzy.

Legendary horse-hung JESSE O’TOOLE came out of retirement to shoot a seriously scorching fuck for WICS-3.

2. I’m including a beautifully remastered edition of the original, complete (and long-unavailable) WHAT I CAN’T SEE, footage from the classic bareback gangbang that started it all!  DAWSON credited WICS-1 as the experience that made him a cum-whore for life.  So watch out, gentlemen:  this one can change a man.

3. I’m also including RYAN SULLIVAN’s award-winning documentary ISLAND.  ISLAND exposes many of the darkest secrets of Treasure Island Media.

[hana-flv-player video=’http://tim-blog-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/TIM-119c.mp4′ width=320 height=240 splashimage=’http://tim-blog-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/Billys3mDive.jpg’/]

Making WHAT I CAN’T SEE 3 has been a passionate experience and a true labor of love for me. I’m immensely proud of the final result.  I know  this generous and extended three-disc package will give unending satisfaction for all of you hungry fuckers.

Feed the fucking fire, gentlemen.



  1. loved the original WICS flick – this one looks even hotter!

    has TIM ever produced a film with popper play in it before? maybe just me, but think it would be super hot seeing hungry cum pigs being poppered up by a hot master or group of tops and then made to service their dicks, etc… anyone else think this would make a hot theme for a TIM movie?

  2. love this vid man, BJ Slater fucking Alex is awesome, lets see Jerry Stearns now fuck Alex good long suck and fuck session please

  3. FUCK I would love to donate my cocksucking services for ALL the T.I.M. models. Just thinking about sucking all thoses cocks, eating ass and taking cum facials over and over again make my mouth water. If u ever wanna cum to Chicago just look me up. I am a hungry PIG bottom. All I need is beer, lube and plaent of cock to suck. I do my best work on my knees

  4. I just watched What I Can’t See 3 and it’s worth the price alone. I was not prepared for ISLAND. That’s some fuckin’ deep and intriguing shit, there! Nice job. You’ve got a fan for life here.

  5. I heard about “Island” in Europe. I think it won some kind of film award. It’s the documentary included with What I Can’t See 3. The trailer looks amazing!

  6. Ok, I have been waiting FOREVER for this goddamn fucking masterpiece!!!! I just went and bought it and am now downloading it. I’ve got my lube, poppers, dildoes, cockrings, and penis pump primed and ready to go!

    Shit man this better be good. I’ve been saving my load ever since Hank told me it was being released today. I’m leaking pre cum just sitting here writing this.

  7. I can’t fucking wait for this DVD! “What I Can’t See 2” is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen. I can’t wait for part 3!

  8. I saw ISLAND at the Berlin Porn Festival, was great to see another side of TIM. Can’t wait to get the box set to see his brother get fucked!

  9. I can’t believe that this movie is finally here! I had seen the trailer for Island awhile back and was so excited that this was going to be included. That movie looks crazy! And Jesse O’Toole is back! Makes my mouth water. CANT WAIT FOR TO HAVE IT IN MY HANDS

  10. HOLY FUCK! I’ve been waiting for this FUCKING movie FOREVERRRRRRR. What’s Ryan Sullivan’s Island? TIM you guys are doing some interesting shit over there.

  11. Just downloaded the movie and it was amazing.. I had just as mush fun watching it as I did fucking in it…

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