Morris’ Marked Man – CORY

TIMPig & Bottom Stretcher, Cory Brands Himself a Morris Marked Man

Cory recently contacted us for Paul’s permission to brand himself with a T.I.M. Tattoo.  In his letter he assured us that his tatt would receive  a lot of attention. “I am pretty sure you guys will get lots of attention from my tattoo,” Cory said. “I want to get it right next to my perfectly shaped cock. I would be as proud of my TIM Tattoo, as I am of my dick.”

Cory describes himself as a 45 years old, total top with an 8 inch cut cock and a 2g P.A. He loves gang bangs, groups, and 1-on-1’s, with a preference for gang bangs, especially with a bottom hungry for multiple seedings.

Of course when we shared this with Paul, he simply replied, “Brand that pig,” sanctioning Cory into the stable of fellow Marked Men.

CORY got his stamp in Denver at:

Sol Tribe Tattoo and Body Piercing

56 Broadway

Denver, Co 80203




Want to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

  1. Cory, you’re the kinda top I dream of getting in front of my sling. Do you have a profile on bbrts?

  2. Cory is coming home Friday mionrng.I would suggest that he avoid politics until he recovers his strength. His body has experienced significant trauma, and it needs that excess energy to heal itself. Be sure he eats, drinks, and sleeps as appropriate. Nothing worse than a weak body to delay or sabotage a full recovery.- – -What are the liberals smoking?My family’s taxes increased. One of my relatives earned $22,000 and they saved $13 over their 2008 tax liability. Is that the tax cut that she should enjoy?Have the liberal loonies read the NYT, WaPo, or LA Times lately? They do realize that the so-called health care reform will require rationed and reduced medical services, don’t they? Surely they realize that taxes will increase to cover the revenue shortfall. Not to mention the progressive increase in involuntary exploitation, including people who do not want medical services insurance.Uh, I know. If they pass cap and trade or similar, then the tax increases will be obfuscated in the name of saving the planet. They could also use a VAT or other hidden tax to increase their revenues, and give the appearance of a balanced budget. A little creative accounting, an entitlement fund here, an estimated earnings there, and, suddenly, a miracle does occur.As for the top 10%, if it weren’t for their wealth accumulation and eventual redistribution, the United States would not be nearly as hospitable a place to live. The workers, myself included, just do not perform up to the level necessary to sustain our bloated and corrupt system. The bureaucrats and their supporters should appreciate the philanthropists in the upper and middle classes.So, in summary, the liberals are advocating for class warfare, while the Tea Partiers just want the opportunity that made America the envy of the world.I am not enjoying yet another promise, the so-called tax cut , which has failed to materialize. The recorded public debt is not decreasing, and the deficit is increasing. The home foreclosures are rising. The unemployment is rising. The homeless are still on the street. The indigent remain dependent on the good nature of others. Something has to break.

  3. Welcome to the fraternity bud. Awsome ink, and legs. I’d have you stretch my hole if yo were in the UK. Get your cock out next time, and show us your poker. Keep it pumpin JoeUK

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