Our newest Marked Man: the corn-fed poz pig from Portland

Nothing says you’re a proud man-fucker more than having the Treasure Island Media mark branded onto your body. Meet the latest man to do just that. 

Nothing says you’re a proud man-fucker more than having the Treasure Island Media mark branded onto your body. Meet the latest man to do just that. 

Dmitry is a 34-year-old kinky vers fucker who loves to pig out with other like-minded sleazebags. 

He has become the latest member of the exclusive brotherhood of TIM’s marked men – true pigs who have taken the TIM mark on their body in the form of a tattoo. 

It immediately sends a signal to all who see it – cementing your position as a real man-fucker, something which Dmitry was only too keen to show off.

“From the first time I ever saw a TIM film, I was hooked,” says Dmitry, who is originally from Indianapolis. 

“All of the hot pigs breeding, felching, pissing and depositing jars of spunk in hungry holes had me shooting my loads, grunting and squealing. 

“To me, getting marked was my initiation into a brotherhood. I own my toxic way of life as a proud poz man. When I found out about TIM’s marked men I couldn’t wait to offer myself to the needle in honor of my favorite studio.”

Location:Portland, Maine, USA
Favorite TIM videos:Sick Fucks, Slammed, Cheap Thrills 10, Legendary Ethan Wolfe
Favorite TIM men:Drew Sebastian, Tex Davidson, Rex, Ethan Wolfe, Ian Jay and Nate Grimes
Turn-ons:The smell of a man, piercings, tattoos, bulges, pig nips, daddies, watching holes get loaded and felched, gaped holes


Dmitry chose to merge TIM’s skull and cutlasses with a biohazard symbol, placed on his sternum – “so no-one can deny I am a proud poz whore who is always hungry for cock, holes and all the spunk I can get”.

“I love how it looks with my bulldog harness and gear on,” adds Dmitry. “I feel like I am a true expression of TIM and hope to offer my pierced hog and cunt to the camera one day.

“The thing I love the most about Treasure Island Media is that TIM shows the sex men thirst to have. They don’t sugarcoat shit, no scripts, just straight piggy debauchery 24/7. Paul Morris and the other directors are not afraid to push the boundaries and question the status quo.” 

As well as being a piggy cumwhore, Dmitry plays rugby, does professional henna body art and body painting, dancing, and cruising on the circuit. He speaks Russian, Romanian, Spanish and German.  

When it comes to sex, Dmitry says: “I am big into energy and eye contact. I am completely vers and love to flip – sub or dom or anywhere in between. I get really into pits, spit, fist fucking, watersports, sounding, pumping, e-stim, felching, piss, fucking, gangbangs, bathhouses and truck/rest stops.”
Dmitry – you’ve earned your place in the ranks of TIM’s Marked Men.


The Treasure Island Media tattoo is as legendary as Paul Morris himself. You see a guy in the street or the club with our mark on his body and you know exactly what he’s down for. 

It’s the perfect way to show everyone what you’re into – no words needed. It also inducts you into one of the world’s most close-knit brotherhoods – the Marked Men of Treasure Island Media.

If you want to get your own TIM tattoo, we’ll give you a free 1-year TIMPass and $300 worth of gear from our store. Find out more on our Marked Men page.


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