MORRIS’ MARKED MEN – Angelo Gets His Third TIM Tattoo

You may remember this Marked Man, from previous blog post. Angelo is the tearoom cocksucker who got a blood-red TIM tattoo inked on his chest in IN THE FLESH and recently, a blue at the base of his back. This week, Angelo finished him homage to the TIM way of life with a third tattoo on his right knee.

“It makes sense for our sign to be decorating Angelo’s knee, because his well-worn knees are already a badge of cocksucker honor,” tells Liam Cole, TIM Producer. “This is one tatt that’s going to be ground into the earth until it’s a faded trace.”

Take the TIM Tattoo Challenge and join Angelo and Paul Morris’ Army of Marked Men. Check here for details.

Photos courtesy of TIM Producer, Liam Cole. (

  1. its so cooool i really want a tatoo of TIM I will make it soon can not wait for it

  2. Im more into the look of a twink with god outside but very dirrty inside… If I get one I could get on this blog? hehehe

  3. Joe uk horn dog

    Great tatts bud, I’m getting my second and third TIM brand tattoo as soon as I get the cash together, love it on your knee, but your probably going wear it out kneeling for all your fuck sucking action.
    Great that TIM is going to Team Up Doug the Soldier Stud with Stud Maguire for Sucker Boot Camp. . If I remember, he wanted a few lads in Ski Masks, well, I for one would love to be in the team of student recruits for that event. What are the chances of you guys getting Liam Cole to get a Brit Team to do the Same ? Balls in your court fellas . You could be the ‘demonstration’ muse lol Joe UK keep it nasty

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  4. i dream to put THE TIM tattoos on my skin,,i am thinking about my back or base of my dick, would like to join MORRIS’ MARKED MEN,i am pierced tattooed muscular man

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