A recent review of Paul Morris’ MANFUCK MANIFESTO, posted by Billy Twee on his blog Bareback Pozboi. Paul Morris Manfuck Manifesto

“I thought I’d never see Matt Sizemore bottom, but indeed he does just that in Treasure Island Media’s ‘Manfuck Manifesto.’ He gives it up to the ultimate sex pig Ray Dalton, who demonstrates his true versatility by turning Mr. Sizemore into just another big ole bottom in a masterful sequence that closes one of TIM’s better videos in recent memory. You shouldn’t necessarily skip right to Matt’s and Ray’s scene, however…especially if you’re into daddies pluggin’ young and tender boi-holes, because that’s what this manifesto is about. TIM serves up some newer boy butt, to be worked over by veteran daddies Brad you know who, Derek you know who, BJ you know who and Jack, where the hell have you been all this time? These reliable tops deliver gallons of cum up the fresh holes of guys like Blake Daniels, Noah Foxx, Tennessee, Dimitri and sensation-waiting-to-break out Jackson Taylor who claims his sex life started at the truly tender age of four. Litte, cutie Jackson gets pozzed by daddy Ethan Wolfe who sports an in-your-face biohazard tattoo on his groin. Man, I’m just waiting for TIM to get him in action from the bottom’s POV, on his back with that biohazard warning in full view.”

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“In its usual fashion, TIM has some overlap with totally fucked out poz bottoms Ian Jay and John Sullivan, and their fans won’t be disappointed. This dvd has something for everyone, but it will be remembered as one of the best dads-on-lads themed videos ever made. There’s poz ass taking poz cum in this one, even though Brad and Derek are famous for being HIV-negative, you poz fetishists will get off on Manfuck Manifesto.”


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  1. Billy sure sees TIM videos the way I do. Can’t wait to get my copy with all those hot scenes.

  2. Since the night I downloaded this movie, I have shot many big cum loads. Ethan topping the hot Italian bottom boy-pig is TIM at it’s best. I have been a big fan of Paul and company for a long time. The sites and films keeps getting better. Thanks to the guys at who put the best “AAAHHH FUUUCK” and squirt-moments in my porn collection.

  3. This is definitely one of my favorite TIM movies. Jackson Taylor is such an amazing bottom. I can’t to see what Paul Morris has in store for that little slut in the future.

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