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Hi All -This week has been a very interesting one. For the first time in a while, I found myself on the other side of the lens, taking on the role of still photographer and 1st cameraman for a porn shoot. Well five shoots, actually. I’m not going to bore you with the details but I will say this; I learned a lot. In particular I learned what NOT to say to guys on set during shoots…

Looking back, I would have just kept my mouth shut. My monumentally bad “comment slip” was to a model. It came after approximately 1 hour of intense wanking for the
cumshot. I was bored and ready to go, so I got up from behind the camera and simply asked “What time is your last train?”

“8PM,” he replied.

To which I said “Oh you just missed it.”

Poor guy got an instant soft dick. Needless to say, no cumshot.

Anyhow, after the shoot I was bursting with hormones and being in the naughty club land district, I had no difficulty finding eager, horny boys. On my way to the train home, I popped around the corner to the little park behind the station and had two boys follow me. One was very tall and skinny, the other a bit shorter and stockier.

The park didn’t have much to offer in terms of bushes, but there was a small little hill that gave a bit of privacy. It was fairly dark, so I saw no problem taking the two of them back for a little fun. As soon as we were in position, they both got down on their knees and eagerly started sucking me off. Shortly after they began the tall boy pulled out a massive cock from his nickers and I knew I  just had to have a go at it. I pulled him up and began sliding his meat deep down my throat. He was yummy, and perfect, so I asked if he would let me film him  for my “KUK” project. He was very eager, so I gave him my number. Just as I handed him my card, I lost control of my cock and shot a huge load in the stocky boy’s mouth. What a great end to the day. I zipped up, bid the boys farewell and headed back to wait for my train.

When I arrived home, I was still a bit horny but as it was a holiday, my Dad was waiting for me at my flat. You know how it is- when you can’t invite someone over, you get even hornier. Of course, later that night I got a text from my local ‘bus-boy’ who wanted to stop by. Being resourceful, I had him meet me in the basement (which is an empty garage where I happen to do a lot of model test shoots). We went inside the electrical cupboard and before the door could even close, he began sucking me off. It was hot but I wanted more, so I bent him over and fucked his tight hole until I spunked a big load in his horny ginger cum-dumpster. Letting him out the back door, I popped into the shop to get a milk (my excuse to my Dad for leaving the flat). Hehe.

Tonight I will be heading to the local sauna. I love using those gloryholes- they give me such pleasure. My adventures there should lead to some fun stories to share with you next weekend.




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  1. I can only imagine how raunchy and dirty the sex clubs are over in Europe! I bet the craziest things go on in the back alleys and basements. I want to visit.

  2. I bet it must be so much fun to work in the porn industry! I watch it everyday. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually get paid to film it! SO JEALOUS!!

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