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A lot of thoughts this week. The biggest thing is that I really miss my best friend, soulmate, flatmate, etc. — Dean Monroe. He’s away for three months and there’s always an empty gap when he’s away, but no sad faces here… hehe.

I did a really fun shoot at the start of the week with a new company I haven’t worked with before. I got to fuck two hot twink boys. We were double fucking one of the horny boys, which was really nice. I fucked one while he fucked the other and then I lined them up, one on top of the other, giving them turns on my fat cock, pulling it out of one bum and pushing into the other… Very good fun, indeed.

The only thing, though, was that they had two cats in the house, and in the living room where we were shooting there was also a really furry white carpet. We were soooooo covered in long cat hair and carpet hair by the end of it ,one could have thought a polar bear fight had just taken place… Not recommended, hehe. I even coughed up a furball (at the same time as the cat did when I entered the kitchen naked), lol.

On the way back from the late evening shoot something happened. I was walking fast to get the last train back into central town, to go home, and it was raining heavily (usual London town weather), when a black girl ran out in front of me, screaming, obviously really upset. She dragged me towards a man lying down in a puddle of water, sort of paralysed, with a bottle of what seemed to be coca cola or something in his hand. The black girl was trying to pull him up, telling me she just walked past him when he collapsed. I bent over to have a closer look at the man. When I got closer, an extremely handsome young man’s face (turned out he was 23) looked up at me, obviously so drunk he didn’t have a clue where he was or what he was doing. The boy was completely drenched and dirty, so I tried to help him up in a sitting position. When I turned around to look for the black girl to see if she could help me get him up, she was nowhere to be seen.

The boy was telling me stuff, babbling—his mum had recently died, that’s why he was drinking and he had sleeping pills, etc. I got very sad. I started to call an ambulance to see if I could get him some help, but he wouldn’t have any of it. After that he seemed to calm down a bit. I sat with him for half an hour, talking with him. By this time I had managed to get him to sit on the steps of a church nearby. He had one of those faces that sticks with you for a long time. I explained to him that I had to leave him there, as my train was going to leave in 10 min. I felt so horrible for leaving him there all by himself. His face has been on my mind all week, I really hope he is OK. I wish I could do more for others here in life, and that I had thousands of arms to support others, hugs for everyone…

A couple of days after that, I shot an amazing hot scene for Liam Cole with awesome Italian model Jake Ascott, which I’m sure all you horny buggers out there will love. He has a SWEET bum and a nice big fat cock which I loved sucking. Fuck, he is one hotty boy! I’m sure we will see more of him on the TIM sites and elsewhere, hehe.

I also got a message on a chat line from a young boy asking me: “do you know how 2 pleasure?” Hm, lets see… what shall I answer?

Here are some photos of myself, one from the local leather shop where I was photographing customers trying on outfits for a promotion thingy, which was good fun. I do love wearing my Swedish Clogs. Not sure they go so well with small leather shorts, but who gives a fuck… hehe

And here’s a photo of me and my best mate Dean Monroe, where I look completely fucked lol. Although I don’t drink or do drugs, I do make a good impression of it, right? hehe

Also, here is a little music video I directed and produced, a self-funded project which was shown at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in October last year. It was great to make—I had such an awesome day, with an amazing team. Thanks to everyone involved.

Till next time!



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  1. downloaded the uncensored version with the gorgeous fuckscene which amazingly was on youtube for a few days before it got deleted.
    Thanx for making such an amazing clip

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