Chronicles of a London CumPig || The Sauna Experience

This week has been an interesting one. I didn’t feel very sexual at all at the start of the week. I had some very quiet nights in, catching up on my favorite fantasy/sci-fi tv-series. It was wonderful.  Then all of a sudden my horniness just kicked into high gear. It’s interesting how that happens. I had a very great encounter with a sweet boy who came over- we shared some really nice moments together. He was adorably cute, and we fell asleep naked (and spooning) while watching Star Trek.
A few days later a friend mentioned that on Mondays at his gym, (which is also a local gay sauna) there is free admission for guys under 25. I thought to myself, I could get in for free… lol, kidding, I’m way past that age thank goodness. But I thought, why not give it a try, I do like a younger bum to play with now and again, so I made my way over there.

Just after entering I realized how busy it was. I had only been to this sauna once before, and that time it was deserted. Almost instantly I found myself getting felt up by a tall teenage boy with a sweet bum. I took him into one of the cubicles where I pushed him down on his knees to suck my fat throbbing uncut cock. He seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. I pulled him up and bent him over the high bench and spread his legs wide so I could have a better look at his sweet bum. After rimming him good I put my fat cock in his sweet hole. He yelped in pain but pushed hard against me, forcing my cock deeper into him.


By this time we had a bit of an audience, and they were all watching intently while jerking off. It was a fun little show I have to admit. I turned him over and continued fucking him till he came all over himself, then he got up and left.

Now I was really horny, and felt like a being dirty cum whore myself. The boy had left the door a bit open, and I saw a short hairy guy with a nice sized cock standing outside wanking. His cock wasn’t too huge, which I was glad to see when I waved him over. Being more of a top, I can’t really take a big cock in my hole.  I sat up on the bench where the boy had been sitting, laying back in his sweet puddle of cum. I pulled the older hairy man in towards me and it reminded me of when I was a young bottom boy many, many years ago.

The older man was into it, and he was pressing himself up against me. I could feel his cock pulsating on my hole….. my hole was soo tight, and I could feel the familiar, but so forgotten stinging and

exciting pain of his cockhead slightly entering me. I pushed him away, but kept wanking myself off, pulling him back with my legs
every once in a while. As a former ballet dancer I have very strong legs, so I finally pulled him towards me one last time, and in it went. The pain and pleasure was soooo immense I came after only 2 strokes of his cock. I kissed him briefly, and pulled away, smiling shyly. Then I went upstairs for a shower and jaccuzi.

In the water I watched two young lovers tightly entwined in an intense embrace. They were kissing passionately, and it was very beautiful to watch. I was tired though, so I went for a shower, and in the shower there was a tall black/mixed man I had met many years ago. He has one of the biggest cocks I have ever come across in my life, and I’ve seen a lot of cocks. I mean a lot. I said hi, but instead of shaking his outstretched hand, I reached out and shook his huge dick. He said “Oh, hi, hehe” and he instantly got hard. I kept shaking it a bit and I said “That’s how we say “hi” in Swedish. Didn’t you know?” Another boy standing close to us in the shower saw us, and reached out to shake my now semi hard cock as he said “Oh hi there, I’m Tom. Nice to meet you.” I looked at him and smiled. He was a very cute British guy. All three of us started to kiss and suck each other off as the water rained down on us from the shower.
One of the other guys I played with was a nice normal looking Turkish guy with an average cock. He was sitting wanking all by himself in the video room. He looked a bit lonely and sad, so I went over to sit next to him, then started wanking. I reached out to play with his cock and he looked so happy to get someone’s attention. It turned me on so much that I couldn’t help bending over and sucking him off till he came a massive load in my mouth, yum yum. Anyhow, after three more shags I finally left exhausted but fully satisfied.

Oh and its a special week this week, as my best friend and flatmate (international porn star Dean Monroe) is Launching his self biographical book on the 21st of April 2012, with images and anecdotes from his varied porn life and beyond (the book includes a lot of the photos I’ve taken as well). I thought I would also share this little video I made (with the help of my awesome friend and porn master Liam Cole).  I hope you like it

All the best till next week, keep it cumming!



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  1. It is truly a different sex cultre over in Europe than it is in the US. More open and free. The men just seem to lose all their inhibitions.

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