Post Work Out, Work Out

We love getting emails from fans about the hot sexual experiences they encounter, in their day to day life. This one came in early last week from a fucking hot daddy, out of Seattle. Enjoy.

What a day at the gym! After a hard workout, I took my pumped up torso to the locker room, stripped, and headed for the showers. Interestingly enough, the showers are semi private and you can very easily tell if someone is coming your direction. This makes it easy to sneak a quickie in before heading back to work.

Normally, I just shower and leave as I usually have to get back to work. However, today, my boss was out of town and I had the rest of the afternoon free from appointments and conference calls, so I was in no rush to leave. I was especially in no rush, when I spotted this cute little Latin boy lurking in the shower area. He was not being too discreet as he moved back and forth between the sauna and showers. He was changing shower stalls frequently, and I thought, hmmm….I should settle him down a bit. I followed him to the sauna. He caught my gaze and licked his lips. I was surprised this cute young thing would give me a second look. He was young enough to be my son. I gave him a nod and then headed to the showers. I entered the last shower stall and left the curtain partially gaped open.

In short order, he entered the shower stall – caddy corner across from mine. Without his towel, I could clearly see his tight muscular body. His bubble butt was covered with a short crop of fuzz, and he stood sideways stroking his thick, uncut cock. I began stroking mine and he immediately crossed over and closed the curtain, dropped to his knees and began swallowing my cock. He sucked and made me rock hard. I could barely hold off on shooting my load. He must have sensed my closeness to orgasm, and stood up. He said, not in my mouth-only in my ass. I want your hot seed.

I lubed up with some spit and slid my cock inside his tight pucker. Without lube, the spit caused more friction than expected, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. As I fucked him, he said “fill me up Daddy. I want your seed in me. I need lots of Daddy cum in me every day. With this dirty talk, and his tight ass, I could not hold back any longer and shot burst after burst of hot jizz inside his boyhole. As soon as my load was drained inside his guts, I pulled out. He turned around and sucked my rod clean, then disappeared. I haven’t seen him since, but keep hoping for another shower fuck in the gym soon.

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