TRUE LIFE: I am Mitch Mason || White Party Update

So it began…. Our 7 hour road trip from San Francisco to Palm Springs for Jeffrey Sankers, White Party. Awaiting us were thousands of horny muscle boys, fun parties and some fucking amazing music. We arrived late Thursday night around 2 am, to find our housemates practically naked and starting the weekend off with a sex-driven welcome party. Naturally, I quickly caught myself up to the crowd and in no time was down to my underwear.

As I write this entry, it’s Saturday night and we are just hours away from the main event, where every man, woman and drag queen in attendance will be decked out in their sluttiest white ensemble. I myself took the cheap route this year. Simply and frugally buying a plain white sheet from the local market (a whopping $10 investment) that I transformed into a  custom Mitch-made sarong. My final costume design decision is whether or not I need to include underwear. I’m leaning towards not.

This entry is going to be short but rest assured I will be providing a full detailed report early next week of all of the weekends debauchery. That is of course once I have recovered and maybe slept a few hours.

Here are a few highlights from the first day and 1/2:

Friday – Underwear Party, turned muscle boy orgy.

This is how we started the night

This is how we ended


Saturday – High Tea, Pool Party TeaDance. Featuring my favorite NYC DJ, DJ COREY CRAIG.

Here’s a photo of the housemates wearing their TIMhouse-warming gifts – A  Liam Cole original Dickman Tee and TIMSack. Of course, the tee’s have been custom tailored, to highlight the inner slut in each of the boys.

Some photos from the Pool Party

I even had time to seek out a few hot butts. If your butt is one that would impress, be sure to enter it into my ‘Best Butt In The World Contest’.

Look for more photo updates through out the weekend on my Tumblr page.


       Mitch Mason

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P.S. I love stories and feedback from fellow TIM Whore’s and Ass-lovers. Email me anytime you feel like sharing.

  1. More fucking pictures please (and make them bigger. Can’t see the guys faces in the groups you posted).

    Tell us who you fuck, if you get their names, how and when. I am not a WP type. I’m living vicariously through you. !

    Tell us about all the barebacking. Love to hear bb.

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