Chronicles of a London CumPig || Rough; Intense; SLAMMED…

Hey, good men and boys.

This week my great friend and awesome director at TIM London, Liam Cole, showed me a little teaser clip from his new DVD, which is coming out in the fall. It showed a great, very passionate and intense sequence between sexy Keiran (on the left) and horny, gorgeous Jon Phelps (on the right).

From my computer screen I instantly felt the roughness and the intensity between them, and the hungry kissing aroused me immediately. True horny, raw kissing is something you don’t often see in gay porn, I find, and it only really happens when the chemistry is right. I think Liam is a true master in setting up and capturing these horny scenes, and it’s always fun to work with him.


Other than that, awesome TIM exclusive Christian was in town and I got to shoot a scene with him and big-cocked Rob Tyler. Fucking Christian’s horny bumhole on my couch, in full view of my neighbours, hehe, naughty…

Apart from that, this week has been pretty quiet. I rented out my photo studio to a few nude shoots over the weekend; as usual, I do enjoy the naked boys in my flat, hehe.

Tonight I’m shooting a threesome for a small new studio with some sexy young twink boys (Sunny Davies and Fernando). I do enjoy a naughty boy to play with, hehe, but be aware it’s the ice-bear house, so I’ll be coughing up furballs again—wish me luck, hehe.

To the left is a picture of the sexy Sunny Davies

And the day after tomorrow I’m doing more shoots for Liam with a German new model, I believe; it will be fun, fun, fun.

Oh, I found these pics of me and hot model Felix Barca from a shoot we did in Berlin a year ago. Such a shame he doesn’t do BB, hehe.


Many hugs and horny KISSES

Suk those lips men


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  1. I think some people will love it and others will find it disturbing. But that could be said of a lot of TIM's stuff over the years.

  2. I am so grateful to Jon and Keiran for that night. For me, the intensity of this SLAMMED clip is what making porn is all about.

  3. Wow, fucking hot scene! That guy is so slammed! Wish it was me in his place!

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