Hey London || Ready or Not Our SPERM BANK Is Coming!

In just one week our resident load taking hole, Christian is going to be in London. He wants your sperm up his gut and is begging for British DNA. How can you deny him of this? Just imagine how good it will feel sinking your raw dick into his perfectly warm, moist arse and unleashing your boys deep into his belly.


This offer is limited, act now before it’s to late. Email LIAM COLE to redeem this LIMITED TIME OFFER.

  1. damn! but I won’t be in London until the first week of July, scheiße!!

  2. Fuck, I m gonna miss that…But soon would love to leave serbian juice in some slutty cunt.Kiss from Belgrade

  3. Es muy caliente…. Que daría por estar ahí… Delicioso. Insisto las quiero todas las películas

  4. Count me in Liam. That’s if he hasn’t picked over all the offers and made the list do cumdumpers who are ready to make their deposits . JoeUK

  5. Count me in Liam. HSt f he hasn’t picked over the ‘offers’ already. JoeUZ

  6. A true American hero! I am jealous but happy for the men of London!

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