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Pornography satisfies a deeper need in people that goes way beyond just a physical connection. It allows the viewer to be in complete control while making one feel that sex is an easy process. Porn provides the mental and physical stimulation that comes with sex without the humiliation, vulnerability and risk that is associated with physical interaction with others. In the porn fantasy, you always get the guy you want, and you always get to have the crazy hot sex that you crave.

Hate it or love it, porn has worked its way into our everyday lives. With pop culture and the media becoming increasingly sexual to attract larger audiences, porn seems to fit right in with our conventional lives. Adult films were once considered a forbidden indulgence too taboo to ever discuss, but today, they no longer have to be enjoyed in secret.

The internet has had a major impact on the accessibility of adult content. In the past, it wasn’t easy to get adult films and  often could only be found in specialty theaters and adult bookstores. However, now, in the privacy of your own home, anyone is able to find content of any nature anytime they want to. Treasure Island Media and other popular studios have highly popular websites where videos can be downloaded instantaneously.  This has paved the way for other areas in the porn industry to grow along side internet porn and help turn this market into the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today. Magazines and videos are more prominently displayed by consumer friendly retailers, billboards advertising various porn studios, films and websites will no longer make you think twice, and national hotel chains even offer the ability to watch porn in their rooms.

Even those who work in the industry no longer have to hide their real identities. Some of the biggest celebrities in the world can thank their current mainstream status to their start infront of the lens of a great pornographer. Porn actors today are admired by adoring fans and treated like celebrities. With the growing popularity of social networking, sites like Facebook and Twitter allow fans to reach out, follow and truly interact with their favorite porn star.  Who knows, maybe you can talk to Christian convince him to let you fuck him in the next Treasure Island movie.

Certainly on some levels, we are growing as a more acceptable and welcoming society. As long as people are allowed to be who they want to be and do what they want to do, no one should be able to tell others what they can and cannot watch.  Of course there will always be those individuals and groups out there that disagree with everything but to them we say fuck off!

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  1. But there are tjpse who still frown upon porn so I would not go around my work sharing what porn videos I like because who is to say my boss doesn't like porn and heaing that I like it means they're going to get rid of me. Porn is not something people whop have to feel embarrassed or shameful about but discretion is important.

  2. Porn is definitely becoming more mainstream America. For me, bareback porn allows me to live vicariously something that I am too chicken to do on my own. Psychologically, porn is good because it lets us run free without having to deal with repercussions. I love the Out In Public vids were a guy and a camera crew "find" a random guy who says yes to public sex. I adore public sex but would not do that anymore for fear of arrest. When I was a teenager my balls must have been bigger. This is a great post.

    1. Matthew, I saw your pic on Reeds posting and was to send a message saying I really liked the photo. Then I saw your facebook page which revealed your from Bakersfield I'm in Visalia. Really glad someone else has the same perspective of bb porn. Any how. All this to say nice picture. Hope to hear some more of your perspectives perhaps even a dialog cheers. Lloyd

    2. Thanks Lloyd. For me watching porn is fantasy. (1) Watching porn is not going to make anyone do anything they were not predisposed to do in the first place. (2) Watching bareback porn is not going to increase HIV transmission (see 1). However, those who say bareback porn is more detrimental than conventional porn have literally NOTHING on which to base their contention, thus they are just being closed minded and judgmental. We have to remember we are all adults and in this life we make decisions based on what we determine to be right for ourselves. I for one like how TIM is stirring things up and in the process, liberating thought.

  3. There's a religious show who speaks out against pornography and then closes their eyes tightly and prays. Every once in a whle I change channels and don't realize what channel I am on. It's an awesome release from a stressful day.

  4. I remember the days before pornography was easily available, and when being queer was either a sickness, or a crime. I remember when I looked at the football team and just couldn't imagine any of them as a queer. Now, anybody can watch the handsome team captain groveling on the floor, begging to get fucked like a bitch. You really can't look at that and still believe looks or social position determine sexual orientations.

  5. I definitely agree it has become more acceptable. Majority of the people that go on the internet look at porn, whether it's because they need to self pleasure or because they are not getting something they have been wanting to try and are scared of asking for. Porn allows that escape, plus it's fun.

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