An Interview with TIMExclusive Bottom-boy Jackson Taylor

TIMExclusive Bottom-Boy Jackson Taylor recently sat down with blogger Matthew Darringer for a brief discussion to talk life, porn and well underwear. Here’s the interview –

When did you know you were gay and was it liberation or a weight around your neck at first? I honestly didn’t KNOW I was gay till I was in Middle School, I had started sexually experimenting years prior but being so young I was naive to what I was really doing. Once I got older I had a much better understanding and was capable of grasping the concept of “straight” and “gay” far better. And like most young kids it was hard to come to terms with, lucky for me I didn’t face much bullying in school but that didn’t make the situation any better. I came from a very religious family so naturally being gay was always taught to me and my siblings as a sin. But as I grew up and began forming my own views on life and love, I came to find that no one on this earth can tell you how to live your life and you are free to do and love who ever you wish.

From having done porn, what do people assume as a result of that that is nottrue or is inaccurate about you? People assume that what they see on camera is all I am, yes I am a very sexually active individual but there is much more to me than just sex. For example; I have a day job, I have a boyfriend, I have friends I hang out with, I have parties I enjoy attending, etc…Pretty much all the same stuff you enjoy doing through out your life is probably exactly what I do. So, and I know this is cliche, but I’m really just a normal guy who happens to be filmed while I fuck.

Being handsome and sexually desirable as you are and being as in the scene, how do you deal with unwanted sexual advances? I take them as compliments! I’m not a very aggressive or confrontational person, and if I’m out at a club and someone comes up to me who I’m not all that interested in I’ll chat with them. I’m not gonna be rude and blow them off, I love making new friends and even though there intentions are of a sexual nature doesn’t mean that mine are and therefore that is not what the outcome will be. But it is possible that after the conversation both of us will have gained something I find to be more valuable than sex. Friendship.

What was it like getting into the adult business? How is the reality of it a confirmation (or not) of what you thought it would be? It’s not what I first imagined or even often times would read about, because I did my research prior to applying believe me! And what I ultimately came to discover is that it all depends on the studio. I have been approached by certain companies, not gonna name names, that I turned down because they simply saw me as object to be used however they so choose. Now don’t get me wrong I love a little dirty talk and have no problem throwing in a little Slave and Master kinda feel, but as long as its left in the ‘bedroom’. Treasure Island I have to say is one of the sweetest companies I have ever worked with. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m under contract with them, but because I have made so many friends here. And not just ‘work’ friends, but friends I text back and forth with on a regular basis, friends that I really enjoy coming to see when called to shoot. Same goes for all the fans, I LOVE all my fans. I seriously do have the sweetest fans in the world, and majority of them were TIM fans before they were mine. So I guess to answer your question it was kinda exactly how I thought it would be. 

What is your sexual personality? I am big ole power bottom first of all, and what a lot of people don’t know is how sexually curious I am. I am super turned on by bondage, I love the feeling of being helpless for some hot sexy man (or group of men) to come and use me as they so please. Again though like I mentioned earlier, as long as they know when to stop. But I’m also a little curious as to how water sports would be like, I really enjoy watching it and am curious to see how I would react to it. I really love public sex too, the thought of possibly getting caught is such a turn on!! There’s so much out there that I’m sure I don’t even know of yet but lucky for me I’m still young enough to discover it!

Are you in a relationship and are relationships more difficult for you as a result of being in the industry? I am and yes it is, because I love shooting porn and I am truely grateful to be with the man that I am. Because he himself has shot, and still does, porn as well. Although he doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do, but that being said he understands how the film is created, and therefore is a little more understanding and open to it than most guys I have dated. But for example today is our 6 month anniversary and instead of being home with him and surprising him with flowers and dinner and candles, etc…I’m off shooting a movie, and he has to have the mental image of me fucking another guy on our anniversary. So naturally that kinda thing would be difficult for anyone to deal with, and I’m talking about both parties when I say that.

Boxers, briefs, or??? Okay you may laugh but I really enjoy really ‘gay’ underwear. Like the ones you may have seen in some of my pics for example that are black and white and read “Most Likely to be Famous” on the bum,  I’m wearing them now actually!

What do you like about yourself? My ability to make a friend! I’m not a shy person, obviously, and have no problem approaching a stranger and just striking up a conversation! So I guess its my outgoing personality that I cherish the most.

What do you have coming in 2012? Well school for one, and hopefully some super hot scenes that all my fans/friends will enjoy!! Beyond that, I don’t know. I’m not one who plans but rather lives for the spontaneity of life. Because you never know what tomorrow holds, it could change your life forever…

Jackson Taylor is currently in Southern California shooting raw-fuck scenes for an upcoming Paul Morris fuck-flick. Look for this new tittle to be released this summer. In the mean time stay connect with Jackson on Facebook and Twitter.

And for more from blogger Matthew Darringer, check out his blog

  1. I just found this interview. How I have missed it for 2 years is beyond me. But better late than never. Very ironic that in this he says he did his research before getting into the industry so that makes his claims that have come out since this interview that TIM duped him total lies. HE did his research and knew what he was getting into.

  2. Jackson Taylor is my favourite TIM bottom, he's cute as a button, and so sweet and has an awesome personality, we are friends on facebook & twitter & he's just awesome! Can't wait to see his next film… The scene he did with Ethan Wolfe (and his new biohazard tattoo) are hot as hell!

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