Through The Lens Of PonyTIM || DRUNK ON CUM 6 – Calling All Load Shooters

As we are preparing for the final shoots of Drunk On Cum 6, I have been thinking about the first time I swallowed a load of cum. It was my own, that I shoot into my mouth, attempting to suck my own cock.

I can’t tell you the number of nights I spent rolled up on my shoulders as a kid. I would use the wall next to my bed to support my back, as I rolled up onto my shoulders and dangled my legs over my head. With a little work I could tongue the head of my dick. My head would fill up with blood, as I got ready to shoot my load into my mouth.


Is it your dream to be in a Treasure Island Video?

Well, this is your chance. T.I.M wants you to show us what you’ve got.  We are looking for men who live in or around southern California who love getting their cock sucked.

Do you remember the first time you shot your cum down someone else’s throat?  I remember the first time I got my dick sucked. I was 12-years old and he was in high school. His name was Chris and he lived in my neighborhood. I met him at the local Taco Bell where he worked. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him sometime. I was super excited that a high school kid wanted to hang out with me. He invited me to his house the following week.   When I got there he told me to sit on his bed while he put on some music. I reached for a rock-n-roll magazine on his floor and nervously flipped through the pages as I tried to make small talk.  Wearing a coy smile he took the magazine out of my hands and threw it on the floor. “Come on kid, let me suck your dick,” he said as he pushed me flat onto his mattress.  I lay there in ecstasy as he pushed my cock down his throat.

Does seeing multiple loads shot all over a dude’s face turn you on?

If it does, you are not alone. Here at T.I.M. we’re working to bring together the most men ever in one place, too use one nasty bottom’s mouth all night long.

If you think you have what it takes, can stay hard and shoot a big load, we want to hear from you!

To apply: send two current photos of yourself and a short bio to Pony at:



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  1. who’s the lucky guy that gets to service the most cocks in one place, ever??
    If you film a NYC version, I am begging to be the cocksucker!

  2. fuck what a joy it was , two friends from my local rugby club after a binge drink session, in the mens both got totaly horny and shot thier thick never ending creamy loads down me ,pure gold il never forget ( if only the whole team ,but a boy can dream  ).

  3. I swallowed my first load at 11… my best friend, a little older than me, was teaching me how to suck dick… he was shocked when I swallowed his load… I guess I quickly got ahead of him 🙂

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