Chronicles of a London CumPig || “Borta Bra Men Hemma Bast”

Hey, all.

I spent most of this week in Prague and the Czech countryside, as you know if you read my previous post. It was a very exciting and also relaxing week, enjoying the steaming sun, watching the little, cute birds getting fed by their mum (although we found a dead bird on the doorstep on the day we left; hope it wasn’t mama bird).

The day we were in Prague with the boys, most of the guys spent the time chasing souvenirs and watching 600 year old clocks ticking by—but you should know me well enough by now to know that was not a complete day for me, hehe.

After after flirting with the cute waiter in a gay-friendly cafe, I learnt that there was free internet and got on Grindr. Half an hour later I was picked up by a local hotty escort and sexy guy. Turned out he was a big fan of mine who had all my TIM movies; he’s a huge fan of TIM stuff, so it was pretty cool to meet him. Honestly, I never think there are people who are fans of mine; it’s just strange to think of it in that way—I mean, I’m just little old me, after all…


Anyhow, back at his place we quickly got naked and, after a brief shower, jumped in bed together, where I enjoyed his horny bum and he enjoyed my rock hard cock. After rimming him good I shot a huge load in his hole. He cleaned my cock with his mouth and gave me a nice massage; he also tried to fuck me but I was too tight (need to practice, lol). We chilled a bit before he dropped me back at the central plaza, where I introduced him to the other jealous lads, hehe.

I love Prague. It’s so pretty, with the big castle overshadowing the old town and the river. But all good things must come to an end, and so we finally left. After a 26 hour drive with a trailer behind us, and getting stopped by a handsome police officer named Stefan at border control (who let us go when he saw the camera equipment in the trunk, laughing at us giving him the coy eye), we finally reached London. Tired but happy.

I have two American guys and a British guy staying for a few days, enjoying the London life for a bit before the returning home. Yesterday my good friend, a Greek/German guy who’s a sexy photographer, popped over to check them out (always nice, hehe).

My first day back in the architect office, I just couldnt help it—I was soooo horny I invited a local guy to the office toilet, where I sucked his big cock and he deepthroated me. He shot a nice, big load deep in my throat and wiped it in my beard, then zipped up and left me wanting more, hehe.


A couple of hours later I invited over another lad who just wanted to suck me, and mouthfucked him so hard against the wall I thought I would shoot my big load into the cubicle next door, hehe. He certainly knew how to deepthroat a big cock and made me cum so much.

Just before leaving, another hot lad texted me. I thought to myself, should I? And then, yeah of course. So he came over, a very fit lad, and I gave him a load in his bum as he eagerly bent over, waiting for my cream.

Wow, what a day! It’s so nice to be back; as they say in Swedish, “borta bra men hemma bast”—away is good but home is best, not sure of the expression in English.

Tuesday was a bit similar: drawing windows, lunch break, blowjob in the toilets, drawing door frames, another office toilet blowjob, more window drawings, hehe.

Wednesday was a bit calmer, just had a blowjob in an eye hospital (only because they have good toilets there, lol) with a hot lad I met in the local cruising toilet. After work I met an old friend who runs a porn site and who needed help with some drawings. We got talking about porn and what it means nowadays, when it’s so easily available to everyone (most everyone, anyhow). Interesting thoughts.

Anyhow, that’s all for this week.

Hugs from London – Anton

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  1. Hehe the mysteries with photos… Hehe, different days different beards lol

  2. Anton looks so sexy in the picture he took of himself with his shirt up, but completely different in the other ones…

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