CUMSLOPPY STORY || The First Timer

The young man emailed me, saying he wanted to explore Gay Sex. I met him in the motel parking lot and as soon as I saw him, I wanted him. He was cute, divorced, 25, 5’9″, 150, brown hair, and wore wire rim glasses that made him look, well, bookish.

We got a room. I suggested he take a shower. Moments later he came out with a little white towel wrapped around his waist. I asked him if he had sucked cock before.

“No, but a guy suck me off last week.”

My shaft twitched as I studied his sweet Ass. I yanked off his towel. His cock was 6 inches, hard, and oozing.

I sucked him, licked his balls, got him squirming and ran my hands up his smooth thighs. All this before shoving my finger into his tender butt. When I connected with his prostate, he moaned, “Oh, my God!” and his pole throbbed, his butthole tightened. I thought he was going to amputate my digit as he shot in my mouth. Thankfully I didn’t swallow his all his Cum, leaving some to use as lubricant for his hole.

I placed a pillow beneath his ass, propping him up.

“What are ya gonna do?” He asked in an unknowing voice.

I replied, “Time to get fucked, bud. I need it bad; and you do, too. You just don’t know it yet.”

“Go easy, man! This’ll be my first.”

I told him not to worry. It might hurt a bit, but he’d come to love it.

I pressed my tool against his hole.  It was so tight!

I tried again without success. Then I balled his briefs up and shoved them in his mouth.

My rod popped in. He closed his eyes, as tears streaked down his cheeks. I told him I couldn’t, wouldn’t stop .

My cock throbbed in his ass as I pushed in all the way. Moments after I paused only to pull out the briefs.

I leaned forward, and kissed him. Then I decided it was time to plow him.

By then he was really getting into it.

“Fuck me!,” he screamed.

“Yeah, man. I wanna knock you up.”

I pistoned my Cock in deeper and blasted a huge wad of jism up his tight Ass. I pulled out and saw his gaping hole, it was beginning to . I placed my finger up his cunt and felt my seed swimming in his guts. I told him to squeeze his ass muscles a bit, and a juicy mixture of cum oozed out.

I got so aroused that I screwed him three times more before he left.




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