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In a recent conversation with Paul Morris, I made a comment about thinking outside of the box when it comes to casting models in a scene. He laughed at me when he reminded me, “There is no box here, just men” –Paul Morris.

Recently I shot a video with a guy whose desire was to be fed anonymous sperm out of used rubbers. He swallowed down each load as the top squeezed out every drop from the condoms. While I admit this type of scene is not for everyone, it was a pleasure making this dude’s fantasy come true.

Good pornography has the ability to strip us of any pretense we might have and it can speak to us in the deepest way. Pornography is a visual representation of one of our basic human needs- sex.

Most men lie about sex according to Paul Morris. This was one of the first things Mr. Morris taught me when I came to work here at Treasure Island Media. A lot of men fantasize about being fucked by 20 guys at once, but very few of them would actually do it. A big part of my job at TIM is casting men and finding out when they are lying, and when they are telling the truth. The more interviews I do, and the more men I talk to, the more I realize how similar we all are.

When I am interviewing men who want to work with us, I ask them a lot of questions about their sex lives. A lot of them have the same answers. A perfect example of this is when I ask a potential candidate what one of his ultimate fantasies would be. A large majority of them will respond with “I want to be a bottom in a large gangbang”, at which I smile.

“We Film, You Fuck” is not just a slogan around here. My job as a casting agent is to find out what makes you, you. I want to know what makes you tick, what gets you hard, and what is going to make you cum. So go ahead and surprise me. Tell me what your deepest sexual desires are. Here at Treasure Island Media there is no shame, no guilt, and no box. Just men doing what men do.


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  1. Love your article! It’s true!! People always lies about sex preferences!! May be it’s because of rejection or shame or values but It is difficult to tel the truth when you can be pointed or become an outcast… Nothing gives you more pleassure than being honest with yourself… more if you are in porn industry!! Two thumbs up!!

  2. There’s a big difference between fantasies and things a person actually would like to do, if given the chance. THAT’S what people need to be more honest about, especially if they’re interviewing to be a porn performer.

  3. If I should have a chance, I would drink 20 loads one after another, especially from used condoms. Should anyone be able to help me fulfil my desire, please, contact me somehow here.

  4. i guess the best time of my life will be when i’ll get fucked in a wild gangbang by bears and daddies
    the more the merrier

  5. That’s fucking hot. Freeze those suckers and ram them up my ass while you’re at it. I’ve wanted that ever since the scene in breeding season 2.

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