CUMSLOPPY STORY || My First Gay Fuck

So, I was at my friend’s house, we were drinking Jack. He (Ron-a cute tan guy) had just come out as being gay a few months before. Now the only homo-erotic thing I’d ever done was jerk off with another mutual friend (Jimmy). It was a bit of a shocker, him being gay. I am the most masculine, very good with the ladies out of all of us. Our mutual pal Jimmy had recently told me he’d been having sex with Ron for years, all through high school! We are all 18-20ish out of high school for a year or 2. He told me that they’d done it ALL. I really was kind of stunned (but secretly very turned on-I really wanted to try it but just couldn’t admit it). We were always playfully patting each other’s butts or grabbing crotches. Funny looking back obviously very homo-erotic but wasn’t apparent to me then.

So there we are, Ron and I, drinking Jack alone in his parents’ house, and were talking about everything when he starts talking about how he and Jimmy like to screw around. He reaches over and rubs my crotch but then backs off and says something about me beating him up if he were to really make a move. So since I was getting turned on and did want to try it I just told him, “Ron… I got half a bottle of Jack in me I couldn’t beat up a 5th grader right now” so he giggled and reached over again and felt how hard I was. I was really embarrassed but even hornier so I let him continue and he started unbuttoning my jeans. He got on his knees in front of me took my jeans and boxers off and started going crazy on my cock.

It was by far the best head id ever gotten. He sucked me to the root-no girls could ever do that-not that I’m huge but most girls id had couldn’t get my 7” all the way down… then he really shocked me and started rimming my asshole. I was so shocked that by the time I gathered my thoughts to push him away it started feeling so good I found myself pulling my knees into my chest to give him more of my ass. I started spreading my asshole onto his tongue to get it deeper. Then he came back up to suck my dick and I was a little disappointed but not for long. He slipped a finger, then another into my hole. Here I am the 19yo straight, tough, ladies man, jock from high school, naked from the waist down and nothing but tank top on, getting finger fucked and sucked by my cute 20yo bud from high school.

I was really enjoying it when he came off my cock (keeping his fingers in my ass) and slithered up my body pushing the wife beater up and started licking and sucking my nipples. I reached over and rubbed his bulge. He instantly pulled his fingers from my ass and stood up, and stripped all his clothes off. I pulled off my shirt. He stood naked with his very hard 6” up-turned hard-on next to my face. The shaft was a little on the thin side, but the head was very bulbous though. There was a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. I reached out and wrapped my thumb and forefinger around the base and for the first time reached out and licked another cock. I loved it. I then dove on and sucked for all I was worth. He guided me and soon I was sucking his cock like a vacuum.

Then he pulled out and pushed me back on the couch. He went down my body licking my cock but then he went straight for my ass, he tongued it really good and really hard this time. Then he started spitting on it, he stood up and said “I have to have your ass”. I was so horny I spread my legs grabbed the undersides of my knees and pulled them up and out to my shoulders and told him to fuck me. I felt like such a dirty whore. It felt damn good. He bent down once more and put a big glob of spit on my asshole. Smeared some on his cock and started rubbing my hole with it.

His raw cock finally popped in my virgin hole. It was painful, but he was slow and gentle. He didn’t move until my ass got used to it, it was still very uncomfortable but once all the pain was gone, I started really getting into it. I really started to like it. To love it. His head was so big that it really felt amazing filling my bare asshole, his shaft was thin so it didn’t hurt my asshole-once we really started fucking. He really started slamming into me hard and fast. Nothing ever felt better. I tried squeezing his cock with my ass muscles but his fucking felt so good I actually couldn’t concentrate. I started shaking like a bitch, and I felt him tense up and really burry his cock deep in my ass, and I came all over my stomach and chest and I couldn’t really feel it like other guys say but I knew he was cumming and hard. He fell on top of me and licked up some of my cum, brought his head up and kissed me, we shared my cum.

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