CUMSLOPPY STORY || My First Blown Seeding

I’d been chatting to this guy for ages on Facebook, Mike; he was 36, hot as hell, and gorgeous. Just my luck he lived 200 miles away. I never thought I stood a chance with him anyway, even when he said he liked younger skinny guys, but the chat was fun and hot.

One bored afternoon I was laying on the bed chatting online, and enjoying a joint, when Mike sent me a message saying that he was in town for a few days and did I fancy a drink? I figured what the hell, and we agreed to meet up in a bar in town.

He was waiting for me when I got there, and looked even better in person. A perfect gentleman, he bought me a drink and we got chatting. After a couple of drinks he suggested we could go to his hotel, as his work would pay for drinks there.

In his hotel room he pointed to the bar as told me to mix some drinks, and then started chopping some massive lines of coke. I’ve never done it before but didn’t want to be rude, and as the rush of that 1st line hit me his mouth met mine, and he pushed me to the floor as his tongue entered my mouth.

My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as his hips grind into me and we kissed for what seemed like hours. After another line we were pulling each other’s clothes off, and as his jeans came down I sank to my knees to take his cock in my mouth. I knew it would be big, but I could only fit the head of it in my mouth as I wanked the shaft. I was in heaven sucking him, and from the moans coming out of him he was too.

Another line and my head was swimming. I was on my back and Mikes tongue went straight for my hole. His rough stubble rubbed against my smooth ass cheeks and his tongue flicked over my hole making me moan in pleasure. He held my cheeks apart to give him better access and started working his tongue into me sending me into throws of pleasure. He started to push his cock into me, but I told him to stop and put a rubber on. He took a sniff of poppers and handed me the bottle before getting his tongue back in my ass. In no time I was begging him to fuck me.

The next time I felt his cock against my hole I didn’t resist, only gasped as his monster cock popped my ring and started to slide into me raw. My head was completely buzzing and after all of that expert rimming let him slide right in and he started gently fucking me, going a little bit deeper with each stroke. When he was all the way in Mike kissed me hard and told me he was gonna fuck me with all 11 inches of his cock, and started to fuck me faster and faster. Holding my ankles in the air he pistoned into me so hard and fast my ass was sore but my entire body was in ecstasy.


Pulling out Mike rolled me onto my stomach, and slammed all 11 inches of his monster cock into my ass. His whole weight had me pinned to the floor as he pounded me and his arm was around my neck, then his voice in my ear told me he was gonna cum. I told him I’d never had a guy cum in me before, but I wanted his – I was begging for his spunk inside me. He kept pounding on my ass his breathing getting heavier and he growled “I’m gonna cum!! Take my spunk!”

I only realized what he was saying as he pushed into me and started spraying my guts with wave after wave of his spunk. Mike didn’t stop there and kept ploughing my ass, fucking his seed into me, and I couldn’t do anything to stop him as he had me pinned down. Every squirt of his cum sent mind-blowing pleasure right through me. When he was done he lay there next to me catching his breath and telling me how amazing my raw hole is.

I was pissed that he’d fucked me bareback and filled me with his seed, but then I’d never felt anything so amazing. Laying on the bed afterwards I told him that, then we finished the rest of the coke and he fucked me again – I never asked for a condom this time, and was begging for his cum a whole lot more.

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  1. It sounds like my first raw load. But he was whispering something far more toxic in my ear

  2. I can never stay hard when i do blow. It is fun to do lines off an ass or two. Hot story.

  3. Well, I’m going to finish cleaning out and up. We just had a power failure at the park across the street. So you never know…

  4. nothin like some toot to open a boy’s world up. i would have booty bumped you with a line shoved in that hole with my tongue. but, hey, i’m old school.

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