CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Forced His Load Inside of Me

I went on my first gay ski trip and was really excited to go. After I arrived to the resort and left my stuff at the apartment I went to the hotel where the registration for the event was. Guys from all over the world were there and I started to chat with a couple of them and drank lots of alcohol.

Especially for this event the hotel was all gay and so was the spa. A bit drunk I went to the down into the whirlpool that was packed with men. I jumped in naked with a very slutty attitude. In no time I could feel hands touching me everywhere and jerking my rock hard dick.

After a while I got out and walked to the spa bar for a drink. The jet leg and alcohol from traveling to Europe started to take its toll. Sitting at the bar drinking some water this hot man started to chat to me. I flew in that morning from the US. He said he loved my slutty performance in the whirl pool and gave me a big smirk. He said it would be very nice if a boy like me would take some nice chems and got gang banged raw right there in the spa. I was a bit embarrassed and told him I don’t fuck bare although it turns me on a lot. We talked till we realized it was already passed mid-night so I invited him over to my place.

When we got there we were too tired and went directly to sleep. The next morning I woke up and felt his hard cock against my ass. My morning hard-on told him everything he needed to know. He pushed me down and made me suck his 8.5″ cock and forced it in all the way. I struggled with it but managed. Since I’m a sub bottom boy this just turned him on more and he started to face fuck me hard. I gagged but he could care less.

After about 10 minutes of face fucking me he pulled me up and kissed me. His hard cock was right there at my anus but he knew I didn’t take it bare. We kissed, I licked his nipples, he fingered my ass, I put my ass on the tip of his cock but every time he tried to push it in I pulled it out. You could tell he was getting frustrated with me being a bare cock tease.

I got out my poppers, condoms and lube because I was ready to feel his wrapped dick in my ass. I was sitting on top of him and dry riding his dick. We both took a nice deep sniff from the brown bottle and I started to fly. I don’t know what got into me but then I told him “you are one hot rapist”. He just lost control from that moment.

He forced his rock hard bare 8.5″ cock without any lube right in my cunt. I freaked out and tried to push him out. But the bottom pussy boy that I am I was too weak. He pushed his dick deeper and deeper in me and I couldn’t do anything. His strong muscular body was just too much for my skinny boy cunt. By now I was bouncing up and down on his cock. I could just see the lust and satisfaction in his face while I had only horror in my eyes. I got tired of struggling and fighting and knew it was no use. He started to pick up pace and then he said “this is for being such a cock tease”. “Here you get some nice cream deep in your cunt”, and with that he shot a huge load deep in my ass.

When he was done with me he pushed me off and got dressed. I was looking at him in disbelief. When he was done he wrote down his number for me and said “if you want more bare loads up that cunt give me a call”. He left me right there with my head spinning about what just happened, huge hard-on and cum oozing from my cunt. It was amazing.

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  1. Damn that is a hot story. I was hoping he’d take on the hot tub. I would have. lol We all know deep down that it is what we want. To have that load shot inside us.

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