One Man’s Gloryhole || 2,700 Inches & STILL No Splinters

If you live near Fairbanks, Alaska (population about 33,000, averaging 1.2 people per square mile) you’ve probably seen an online Gloryhole posting from Fairbanks Gloryhole (FGH). As for the rest of the world, you might want to make vacation plans to visit Alaska:


“From the minute you lean into the glory hole you know this is something different, something special. Starting from the base of your balls, I’ll slowly kiss and lick my way up your shaft. When I reach the tip, I’ll tease and tongue your slit then slowly take your head into my mouth, rolling it, probing it till you are stiff and ready. Then I go to work! Your cock tells me what to do: from a light sliding touch, to a tight, slick grip; from slow edging to deep, ramming throat action. My tongue firmly rides the sensitive underside of your cock – it rarely leaves it – except to warm your balls or to tease the tip of your cock to keep you from cumming too soon.”

FGH is a native Chicagoan who claims to have been “Gay from birth: born reaching for doctor’s zipper.” He bought first male hustler at age 27, sharpened his oral skills at Kansas rest stops in the 1970s, and polished his skills in Denver bookstores in the 1980s. He moved to Alaska in the 90s and arrived hungry for cock . In fact, he quickly developed an addiction for straight, working-class/soldier dick – the kind of men who are so appreciative they literally shake from the pleasure. Our hero was in hog heaven until the local bookstore closed a few years ago. What to do?

In 2011 FGH was struck with the idea of building a Gloryhole in his modest converted garage/artist studio. Since the elements can be harsh in Alaska, he decided to build a Gloryhole cabinet instead of just putting a Gloryhole panel in his front door. He assembled some scrap lumber, leftover paint, and surplus computers, and created history.

Since he erected the cabinet in 2011, FGH has had a steady stream of mostly straight cum-laden testicles beating a path to his door! He welcomes three or four guys (most of them surprisingly hot and good looking) every week and has slowed his advertising because he just can’t keep up with the demand. He’s easily sucked more than 2,700 inches – and no splinters! To slow down the crowds, FGH has also adopted a “well hung only” policy, opting only for cocks of at least seven inches, or on rare occasions shorter length but thicker girth.

Think you measure up? Find FGH on Suck Dick Save The World (watch videos and see FGH in all his cocksucking glory!) as @fairbanksgloryhole.

  1. Where do I find this gloryhole?
    And can I get in the cabinet too?

  2. Sounds amazing, love a good glory hole, wish I lived closer and I pay a visit with my
    8 inches Swedish Croatian cock hehe, I tried the local glory hole at the sauna the other day, got a short dude to suck me so good I was litterally just hanging of his mouth with my cock shaking in pleasure, got a double ejaculation… (never happened to me before lol)

  3. The best head I’ve ever had, nice guy too. His set up is comfortable and clean but once the action starts it brings you back to the old bookstore days. I look forward to my next visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve left quite a few deposits here. His skills are second to none. Happy to have such a treat in our little corner of the world.

  5. Never thought Alaska would be the place for me, but this guy would definitely keep me occupied.

  6. WOW this guy is my idol, however, my raw hole would be pressed against the cabinet probably 75% of the time.

  7. Ive had him..or at least hes had me. Best head ive had in 10 years. This man knows what hes doing!!! Dont hesitate guys he a pro.

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