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Ketamine: ((RS)-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino) cyclohexanone) is a short-acting anesthetic used widely in human and veterinary medicine. It generally comes as a white crystalline powder or as a liquid in a vial, sometimes by its brand name ‘Ketalar’ or ‘Ketaset’.

Street names: Special K, K, Ket, Super K, Vitamin K, Green, Mr. Soft and Techno Smack.

How it works: Ketamine is classified as a ‘dissociative anesthetic’. By ‘dissociative’ it is meant that ketamine can induce mind-body separation or Out-of-Body Experiences in the user. The term analgesic refers to its ability to reduce sensitivity to pain, without loss of consciousness, in lower doses. Its anesthetic quality is what creates numbness in the body, and in higher doses an inability to move about. It is this dissociative state that most recreational users seek when they use ketamine. This state can be reached at as little as 10-20mg., a small bump of K. Large doses of ketamine are considered to be around 50-100mg, the size of a small line, and can induce full-blown psychedelic trips in the user. At these levels one should be sitting or lying down, so as not to risk falling over or knocking into things when numbness or temporary paralysis kicks in.

Sex on Ketamine: K can make the user feel horny. Some report that K makes it harder to come or get an erection. How a sex partner looks or feels can alter. As the drug numbs the body, sex may go on longer and lead to damage, especially internal injury during ass play. K is used by some fisters to relax the ass muscles. Reduced ability to feel pain can lead to bleeding or abrasions during sex that isn’t noticed. Sex on K is different for each user and changes according to their mood. It’s been called weird, disorientating, frustrating and wonderful.

Dosing: Ketamine can be snorted or swallowed as a powder, or by intramuscular or intravenous injection when in its liquid form(highly dangerous.) The onset of Ketamine can be felt 2-10 minutes after dosing, and the high can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount dosed and how it was taken. Residuals can be felt for 2-3 hours afterward. It takes much less ketamine to get you high than most other drugs, such as ecstasy, crystal meth or cocaine. Less is more with this one.

Effects of Ketamine:

Long Term Use: It is because of ketamine’s involvement with NMDA receptors in the brain that long term use of high doses has the potential to interfere with memory, learning, and attention mechanisms. Sometimes people start to rely on it to numb themselves from a trauma or low self-esteem. When it’s used excessively, bladder damage can be caused. A third of people that use ketamine regularly have long-term bladder problems, which can include pain urinating, blood in the urine, and in some extreme cases, the bladder has to be replaced with a colostomy bag.

On the body: Ketamine increases the effects of sympathetic nervous activity, giving a slight increase of heart rate, blood pressure & cardiac output, bronchodilation (widening of airways) and pupil dilation (disco eyes.)

On the brain: Ketamine blocks the action of the neurotransmitter L-glutamate. When this happens, receptors in the brain do not receive expected signals. Those receptors coordinate the conscious mind into all bodily functions and other parts of the brain. Ketamine also increases the excretion of adrenaline into the bloodstream and releases endorphin’s, which work to block the sensation of physical pain.

In high doses: K has a reputation for inducing out-of-body experiences, mystical union, astral travel, re-birthing, alien communication, and bringing one closer to certain deities (religious figures). High enough doses can land one in a K-hole, the point when one crosses from a dissociative state to anesthetic levels. At anesthetic levels there is little interaction with the outside world. The user can become unconscious and undergo temporary paralysis, as can be expected with anesthetic drugs. It is coming off of a K trip that one begins to gather their senses and reorganize their thoughts, while possibly feeling weak and wobbly from both mental and physical effects. Some users report feeling less mentally alert the following day, and this is likely a combination of using drugs, staying awake all night and partying.

First hand accounts: 

AARON: 27-year-old Aaron just started using ketamine recently. “I took it for first time a few weeks back. I was bricking myself over it but I was with a few nice guys that knew what they were doing. To be honest, it was an awesome experience that made the emotional side of sex so much better for me. It’s a personal thing I guess. I’m a proper passive guy (think slings and tag teaming) and it helps me relax and ‘take it’ for longer.”

DEAN: 24-year-old Dean didn’t have such a good experience. “I tried K for the first time a few years ago and never had too much of a bad time on it. I would normally have blackouts but I never worried. Then one time I met my then boyfriend and we decided to take some on the train to London. I remember feeling very horny and decided to give him a blowjob. The blowjob turned into a full on fucking session in the toilet. I had taken so much K that I couldn’t control my bowels and I ended up shitting while having sex. My boyfriend didn’t notice what was happening at the time. It got all over our clothes and we were stuck in London with shit all over us.”

Intended for informational purposes only. Some information in this article was sourced fromwww.tripproject.ca and drugs-furum.com The Trip? project now provides a service called TRIP!Wire, a text service that allows anyone to directly asks questions about drug usage. Text your questions to (647)822-6435 [standard text message rates apply] but keep in mind responses take 12-24 hours. For drug related emergencies such as overdose don’t hesitate to contact 911.


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  2. Dislike a lot. I’ve never needed drugs to make me into a submissive pig. Practice, don’t take the lame cheaters way. Too many times I’ve had to stop a hookup with a guy because he was too whacked out.

  3. I tried this drug, snorting some powder, at a dance party. I was up high on some seats, looking down at a dance floor. There were people below, mostly dressed in black, all with black umbrellas up, walking around all over the place. Then a big, black steam train came rolling in and stopped, and the steam rolled up into the air and covered some of the people below. It looked like an English movie. This seemed to go on for a while but it was hardly any time at all. Everything disappeared and I was back to looking at people dancing on the dance floor below. It was the best trip because there was no ‘omg I’m tripping’, there was just no sense that what I was looking at wasn’t real.

    1. Sound like the drug will be on awsome experience and would luv to give it a try and deep in mind blowing breed sesson.

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