CUMSLOPPY STORY || Cummy Used Hole

Sitting here typing this with a squishy asshole… got a huge load of spunk deposited deep in my guts at the local bath house tonight and just had to cum back and type about it.  Sitting here with a squishy asshole…fingering my cummy hole and sitting in a puddle of cum.

Had a pretty horny night at the bath…not great, but pretty good.  Sucked a few nice cocks in the glory hole maze and got fucked there too….love getting fucked through a glory hole!  Toward the end of the night I was tired and chilling in the steam room when an OK looking older guy walked in.  I stood and offered him my cock to suck…which he promptly took advantage of.  He gave me some good head and then snuck his hand around the back of my ass and snaked two fingers into the lubed rim of my asshole.  This told me that this guy wanted some ass…and I was just the guy to give it to him.

I climbed down from my perch and turned around….offering my smooth asscheeks for him to play with.  I gripped my cheeks and then started running his hand up and down my asscrack and then pushed his cock forward until it was rubbing between my cheeks.  His was a stubby (and thick) 6 incher that I knew would stretch my asshole nicely. I bent over to offer him my hungry hole and he took it…thrusting forward and pushing his cock all the way in me to the hilt in one swift thrust. I grunted and took it, accepting the rough offer of cock and smoothing it’s acceptance with a big hit of poppers.  he was vocal and started grunting in my ear as he humped my up turned asscheeks….soon he was moaning his pleasure and calling me dirty names like “pussy-boy” and “dirty faggot”…I loved it and wiggled my ass and served it up more for my new found best friend for the moment.  He took charge and bent me over further and then climbed on top of my ass so he could deep-dick my hole…at least as deep as his fat 6 incher could reach.

Soon he started pushing my ass cheeks apart as he rode my ass talking about breeding me and how big his load was going to be because he hadn’t unloaded in 5 days….I loved that talk and encourage him to get deep inside and breed my boi-pussy.  I felt him stiffen and his cock pulse in my ass and I knew he was releasing a flood of sperm in my used boi-cunt.  He grinded his cock as deep as it would go as he instinctively humped his spunk into me. I gripped his cock with my well-used hole and milked his load at least as best I could with my stretched rim and slippery cunt.  His creamy load leaked out of my stretched rim. Soon his cock begins to deflate as he pulled it out with a loud slurping sound as my asshole released its pleasure grip on it.  I knew that he had just inseminated me with a fantastically large load of spunk because it immediately began to gush and leak down the back of my thighs despite his effort to plant his load deep in my ass.

His cum was still leaking from my hole as I headed home and now the final remnants of that huge load are in my chair as I sit here naked…sitting in a puddle of cum stroking my cock and fingering my squishy asshole.



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