This was my second shoot with Isaac. He was much more relaxed. 

We did the shoot in a Soma motel.  He asked if he could watch his favorite show when it came on.  It was one of those courtroom “reality” shows, like Judge Judy.  He was absolutely fascinated by it. He’s 21 years old, a full-scholarship athlete in college.  He loves watching daytime tv.

All of us–Nick, Elliott and myself–were smitten.  Nick took this shot.  It really shows Isaac’s warmth and innocence.  

He told Nick that he does a lot of yoga.  Nick snapped him doing a handstand.

I got requests for a closer view of Isaac doing a handstand.  Happy to oblige.  Snapshot is by Nick.


I hope you enjoy Isaac as much as I did.

Yours Truly – Paul Morris

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