Chronicles of a London CumPig || Straight Boy Fantasy

Oh wow, I’m sooo horny right now, one might say sexually frustrated or sexually teased till the brink of explosion, lol!

Just had an amazingly hot builder guy over to help me select some photos we did together a couple of weeks ago. I offered to do the edits and email over the file numbers to save him the journey and because I thought it might be awkward—I had teased him in previous emails, saying things like, “can I give you a massage” and “you know guys give better BJs than girls,” but he was quite stern in his replies, saying he was totally straight.


So I have to admit I was surprised to see him on my doorstep. After an hour of going through the photos, I offered him a massage and he agreed. We went into the bedroom, where I told him to take off his t-shirt and he did. Then I told him to take off his trousers. He looked a bit perplexed, so I explained it makes things easier (hehe). After he hesitantly obliged, I told him it would probably best if I took off my pants also, as I’d be sitting on my knees (I left my tight vest on, though, so not to scare him too much, lol). I asked him if I could use oil; I was so close to saying lube, lol, but let’s use that one for the next lesson…

He lay down on the bed, face down and arms above his heads, his gorgeous, muscular, smooth but slightly scarred (from hard building work) body all nice and relaxed in front of me. I started the massage, slowly rubbing the greasy massage oil into his tight muscles. I sat close next to him, my bare leg touching his side. I was rock hard in my tight underpants.

After half an hour working his upper body, back, arms, fingers, neck, and head, I moved downwards, slowly peeling down his boxers little by little, massaging the side of his butt cheeks. Would he stop me? Would he turn around, pull up his underwear, and punch me? I didn’t know. Excited and horny but a bit worried, I continued the massage. His butt was now completely out, gorgeous, round and muscular, a bit of blond fur trickling down into his crack; I soo wanted to rim him good. He didn’t say a word, nice and relaxed in a state of mind miles away.

Then the phone rang. I thought it must be his girlfriend, wondering where the fuck he was—it was getting late and he told me she was waiting for him. He didn’t answer it, though.

Putting more oil in my hands, I let my fingers slip closer and closer to his bum crack, massaging his inner thigh, all the way till I felt his hole. He didn’t move. The air was magnetic. I could feel the forbidden excitement; I was like a virgin again, touching my first cock, lol. I felt his hairy balls brush against my fingers as I stroked past, massaging him.


The phone rang again, and he ignored it again.

I moved down farther, massaging his feet. I asked him if he wanted me to do his chest. He slowly turned around, pulling up his underwear—was that a hard on I spotted there? He quickly put his t-shirt in his lap and sat up. “Maybe next time,” he said. “I have to get back to the girlfriend, but thank you so much, it was wonderful.”


After he dressed, I jokingly said, “So no blowjob this time?” Hehe. He smiled shyly. “No, I’m Christian,” he said, “and I have a girlfriend.” Again I pointed out guys give better head. Smiling, he said that was probably true. I said, “Then maybe next time?” He smiled again but didn’t answer. Instead he said, “Let’s do a shoot in the basement.” I agreed and let him go. Then I had a HUGEEEEE wank, lol.

Apart from that I’ve been editing the trailer for the porn film festival that takes place in Berlin in October.

It’s looking good and I’m sooo excited about going!

Hugs – Anton

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  1. Man i am jealous. I love straight guys, it just takes them a little time before they give into pleasure. Licking straight boy hole gets me off more then anything.

    1. Hehe yeah I know right, love to taste his salty hole tomorrow, fingers crossed hehe

    1. Hehe well hea supposedly cuming over Wednesday evening for a photshoot
      Wish me luck hehe

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