I hooked up with Bob through a CL posting. He came to my hotel room, sat on the sofa and massaged a growing bulge. I knelt between his knees, unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He lifted his ass slightly and I slid his pants and boxers down. A normal but respectably sized cock stood at attention. I stroked and licked and sucked his cock until his cock pulsed and spurted in my mouth. I swallowed his load.

As he pulled up his pants he said, “I’ll bet you’d like my friend Jim. Want to meet him?” “Sure, have him call me.” Twenty minutes later the phone rang. “Hello.” “I hear you suck cock.” “Who is this?” “This is Jim, Bob gave me your number. Do you suck cock or not?” “If your Bob’s friend you already know I suck cock.” “I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He hung up.

He knocked on my door exactly ten minutes later. I opened the door and he strolled in. He was a big guy, six feet tall and 200 pounds. Not fat, just big. He walked to the center of the room, kicked off his shoes and stripped off his jeans and jockeys. A thick semi hard cock jutted from his thick bush. He took hold of his meat and slowly stroked it. I realized I was still holding the door open and let it slam closed. His cock grew, it had to be at least 8 inches, was proportionally thick and beautifully veined. I stared at it, it was gorgeous.

“Well? You just gonna stare at it or you gonna suck it?” I almost ran to him. I dropped to my knees in front of him and opened my mouth. He cupped my head in both of his hands and stuffed his cock into my mouth. I reached up to take hold of his shaft but he pulled back. “Keep your hands away, bitch. Just keep your lips clamped around my cock while I fuck your face.” I dropped my hands and he stuffed his cock back into my mouth.

He was an expert! I kept my lips locked tight around his magnificent rod while he fucked in and out of my mouth. He pumped in and out of my sucking lips gradually going deeper until I gagged on him. Then he backed out just enough, he knew exactly what he was doing. When my mouth and lips would start to get dry he would pull out and let me lick my lips and swallow a couple of times to work up more saliva. Then he would shove his rigid pole passed my pursed lips and find my gag point again. He was a fantastic cocksman with a magnificent tool. He was totally in charge and we both knew it. I just wanted him to keep fucking my mouth.

For half an hour he fucked my mouth with long, slow measured thrusts. Then he grabbed my neck and began to thrust faster. And then he came. He came in a flood and I struggled to swallow around the fat cock filling my mouth. A lot of his cum ran down my chin and dripped onto the floor. Even after he finished cumming he held my head still while his cock continued to spasm. I hoped he would begin again but when his cock quieted he pulled out. He pushed my chin down to my chest and wiped his cock off on my head.

He pulled on his pants and shoes and headed for the door. I was still kneeling, breathless in the middle of the room. My scalp was streaked with his spunk and my spit, my shirt spattered. I could still taste his cock. He paused at the door before letting himself out, “Same time tomorrow night.” It wasn’t a question.

Courtesy of CruisingForSex. 

  1. Fuck yeah. Let me use you for your mouth and mouth only. You are here to service my cock and thats it.

    1. Damn stud, love the attitude. I’d definitely let you use me however you needed…no questions asked! Too bad here aren’t more tops like you around.

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